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Reliable laundry service for your table linens and towels.

Commercial Laundry Service for Massage, Spas, and Therapists

Laundry is a part of your business. It’s the table linens that your clients lay on. It’s the spa towels used during your client’s wellness sessions. Switching laundry partners is a big step. We’d like to earn your trust.

Commercial Laundry Service for Businesses of All Sizes

Commercial Laundry Service Isn’t a One Size Fits All Solution

So, we don’t treat it like one…

Some businesses have a lot of laundry. Some don’t.  Some use a laundry service as a replacement for their washing machines while others just use us when things start falling behind.

Most businesses opt for custom quoted recurring laundry programs. Oftentimes, these are quoted on a per pound basis – like a traditional laundry service. These programs handle your scheduling and pricing on an individual account level.

2ULaundry is a fully insured small business laundry partner. We hire full-time, W2 laundry specialists – no gig workers or Uber drivers. We operate out of our network of absolutely beautiful laundromats.

We offer a variety of scheduling, pricing, financing, and packaging options that you’ve come to expect from your vendors. Request a call with a commercial laundry specialists to discuss lowering your laundry headaches and improving your bottom line.

We see a lot of table linens. Here are our favorites.

#1. Flannel Table Linens

Flannel massage table linens are made from cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers. The heavier the weight, the more comfortable and the more wrinkle-resistant. The wrinkle resistance is unmatched. It’s highly recommended by your laundry service!

#2: Poly Cotton Blend

The cotton and polyester blend doesn’t stick to the body like cotton does. It’s also woven to allow air to circulate which means it’s generally cooler than flannel. However, the light nature of the fabric opens it up to wrinkles and damage. 

#3: Poly Microfiber Blend

If you have a strong preference between Poly Cotton and Poly Microfiber, go with your gut here! We find them very closely ranked.

Poly Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made from polyester and can feel similar to velvet or suede in its texture. They’re generally cooler than flannel but tend to wrinkle and wear down over time.

#4: Cotton Table Linens

They’re popular because they are cheap and feel soft. Cotton is difficult to clean and has a much shorter lifespan than other options.

These sheets are very light weight which means they’re easier to manage. But, they will damage quickly. It might start to feel like you are always replacing your linen inventory.

Table Linen Laundry Tips

Massage oil won’t come out in a normal wash cycle. Most residential washing machines don’t get hot enough. It takes a bit more elbow grease. Here are some at-home remedies to get massage oil out of sheets.

We’re here to help make sure your laundry fits into your business.

As part of onboarding, we’ll ask you to complete a thorough Onboarding Questionnaire.

This form asks all the basic questions including contact & delivery info, but it also asks the more involved questions that inevitably arise from our laundry team and delivery drivers. Laundry is complicated. And, it’s personal.

By asking these questions upfront, we avoid any hiccups and provide the smoothest possible service from the beginning. These questions include:

  • Basic description of your laundry/linen inventory
  • Where do you purchase your linens?
  • When we sort your linens and package it for delivery, how do you want your linens organized?

We also ask for photos and/or videos of:

  • How do you store your laundry once you unpack it?
  • How do we access the laundry pickup/dropoff location from the front door?

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This combination of questions helps us answer exactly how to package your laundry for delivery. You simply open our bags and place on the shelf.  It makes sure we aren’t walking in the wrong door or leaving the laundry somewhere inconvenient. We want pickup, delivery, and everything in between to be smooth, consistent, and hassle-free for you.

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Ready to get started with commercial laundry service?

We’re a laundry service you can trust with your table linens and towels.

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