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It’s important to know who’s doing your laundry.

2ULaundry x LaundroLab Full Service Laundromats

We’re a laundry company – not a middle man. Through our sister company LaundroLab, we build big, bright, clean, and safe laundromats and laundry facilities.  These are locally owned and operated with W2 laundry professionals – no gig workers or independent contractors.

Laundry is Personal.

While you might not care who is delivering your pizza, you should care who is doing your laundry. With the rise of middle-man apps that pair you with the closest or cheapest service provider, you have no idea who is picking up, cleaning, and delivering your clothes. And, this likely changes order-to-order – sometimes even being sent to individuals to wash at their home instead of a professional company operating in a professional laundry facility.

At 2ULaundry, we’re real people doing real laundry – really well. We’re a laundry company alongside our sister brand, LaundroLab.

We’re a laundry service you can trust because we really care about laundry.

Beautiful Modern Laundromats

We know laundry. We know laundromats. 

Through our sister company LaundroLab, we build big, bright, clean, and safe laundromats and laundry facilities all over the country. These aren’t the dark, dingy, and dirty laundromats you’re used to. They’re the opposite! We thought it was time laundromats got an upgrade…

All LaundroLab facilities feature Electrolux Professional machines and are locally owned and operated – by neighbors in your community.

Doing laundry is hard! We take it seriously. We process your wash & fold laundry in these locally owned and operated LaundroLabs using our custom laundry process and technology. Your laundry is tracked in our proprietary laundry facility app at every step of the way. We use different processing apps and cameras to make sure all of your laundry is properly cared for and accounted for. It’s an impressive operation.

We love our laundromats. We hope you do too!

LaundroLab Laundromat Brand | 2ULaundry Delivery Service and LaundroLab Laundromats
LaundroLab Laundromat Brand | 2ULaundry Delivery Service and LaundroLab Laundromats & Laundry Service

Laundry Professionals –

Not Gig Workers

Your clothes, your time, and your trust are all very personal. That’s why we hire and train laundry professionals as W2 employees. 

Your laundry is cared for by Clothing Care Associates. Folding laundry is an art – not a science. And, we’re really good at it! We pack like-items in individual drawer-ready bags aimed at keeping your laundry ready for the drawer. 

We’ve also hired a team of experienced and dedicated delivery drivers to captain our fleet of delivery vehicles. All of our certified and background checked delivery drivers have undergone thorough training to guarantee each and every order is treated with care. It’s important that your laundry  is picked up and delivered according to your account preferences.

No contractors, no gig-workers, no unlivable wages, and no driving personal vehicles.

Laundry Delivery Service | Laundry Delivery Driver Dropping off First Laundry Delivery | 2ULaundry Delivery App
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Ready to get started with laundry delivery service?

We’re a laundry service you can trust with your laundry.