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Best Times to Use a Wash and Fold Service

5 Creative Ways to Get the Most Out of 2ULaundry Service

Once a week is most common. But, it’s not for everyone. That doesn’t mean wash and fold laundry service isn’t an amazing life hack. It just means you’re not a weekly order. That’s ok! Here are the some “every once in a while” order hacks that you should try!

When You Get Back from Vacation

Bringing home a full suitcase full of dirty laundry? Getting back into a routine after vacation is hard enough. It’s even harder with kids…

Unpacking and laundry is a big part of the post-vacation blues. When you have a bunch of laundry to do, getting back in a routine is even harder!

Instead of adding on to the post-vacation blues, try sending your suitcase full of dirty laundry off to a wash and fold service. While you settle back into your day-to-day routine, your laundry will not only be folded – but also packaged and ready for the drawer.

The drawer-ready packaging is a lifesaver.

When You Have Out of Town Guests

Do you know what the hardest part of running an Airbnb is? 

Laundry. We know. We process laundry for Airbnbs all over the country through our 2U Commercial service. Airbnb hosts all agree – laundry is the hardest part of their job. And, having houseguests creates similar laundry to Airbnbs.

Before and after you have house guests is a perfect time to schedule a laundry service. All those guest beds and extra bathroom towels? Those take a long time to wash in a residential washer and dryer. Instead, try sending these guest linens to a wash and fold service.

This is such a common use of the service, we now offer a discounted Linens Bag – specifically for your sheets and towels.

If you’re interested in our discounted Linen Bag to use the service only for your sheets and towels, submit a bag request in the app or contact our Customer Support team.

Bonus – Your fitted sheets will be folded perfectly!

On Special Occassions

The every once in a while special occasions – not necessarily major holidays. Though, we are open for service around holidays.

Maybe it’s a busy week at work. Or a week where the kids have a never ending schedule.

Maybe it’s only when you have a washing machine repair, make renovations, or are moving to a new home.

Sometimes life gets in the way of an otherwise pretty consistent laundry routine. You just don’t have time this week

Laundry service is a special hack for a special occasion.

When You’re Too Far Gone

Keeping up with your laundry is all about preventative maintenance. Trust us, we know how to do a lot of laundry…

When it gets away from you, it can be hard to catch up. A “couple loads of laundry while watching TV” can quickly turn into “Welp, there goes my Saturday!”

We’ve been there…

With the commercial machines and a staff full of professional laundry experts, a big laundry pile to you isn’t that big for us. Instead of spending hours doing it yourself, you can schedule a laundry service with a couple clicks of a button. 

When You Have a Coupon

Do you love coupons? We do too!

When our driver’s routes are not quite full, we send a message out to households in that neighborhood letting you know. If you place an order via text message reply, your order is automatically discounted. These discounts range from $5-$15 based on both your neighborhood and the number of slots remaining on the route.

Occasional Laundry Service
Best Times to Use a Wash and Fold Service

“I started using 2ULaundry to help out my to-do list when we have stressful things on the horizon. It’s usually just before we have house guests in town, when my husband is traveling for work, or right before we are going on vacation. Now that I think of it, when we get back from vacation is by far my favorite time to order!”

–Erin P, avg. 5 bags per year.

Sheets & Towels Laundry Service
Best Times to Use a Wash and Fold Service

“I keep three sets of sheets and towels for each bedroom and bathroom. When I’m on my last batch, I’ll schedule an order to restock my sheet & towel stock at the house. I’d like to think it’s once a season but it’s probably closer to once every six-months. Oops!

Regardless, I always send my guest room linens in for service after we have houseguests around the holidays.”

– Tina W, avg. 4-5 bags per year.

Laundry Service with a Coupon
Best Times to Use a Wash and Fold Service

“I don’t mind doing laundry for our family! However, I always place an order when there are coupons. The Customer Support team will send texts a couple of times per month offering discounts because the delivery driver in my area needs more stops on a certain day. It is a quick way to save $10-ish on the service. It’s my little surprise treat to myself. ”

– Rey A, avg. 1 bag per month.

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