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Laundry Service Customer Support

Laundry is personal. We know your laundry isn’t just laundry. Our Customer Care Team is here to help you and your laundry.

Frequent Support Requests

Our goal is to make your laundry day easy! Here are some common questions that might be helpful. Feel free to reach out. We’re happy to help!

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How do I view past invoices?

We offer an easy to use self-service billing portal that allows you to review your payment details, download your invoices and see your latest charges’ details. You can access it by entering this URL on your mobile or web browser:

Our portal has three different sections within it:

  • Charge details, where you can review your latest charge with 2ULaundry as well as your active subscription.
  • Billing history, where you can download all of your past invoices
  • Update card, where you are able to update your preferred payment method
How do I track my delivery driver?

Our drivers operate on routes like UPS or FedEx.

Unfortunately, our systems do not allow you to live track the van that will deliver your laundry bag. We do, however, have an alert system that will notify you when the driver is close to the location where your order is scheduled to be delivered as well as when the bag has been delivered in your door, driveway or hallway.

  • Driver is 2 stops away: when your driver is 2 stops away, as long as push notifications are enabled for the app you will be informed about it and be able to see an ETA (“Estimated Time of Arrival”) in the order tracker.
    • Successful drop-off: if the pickup was successful, you will receive either an SMS or a notification in our app informing you about it (you will only receive the SMS if your notifications for the app are disabled). If you received the SMS, you will also be given an option to schedule a new pickup through that channel.
    • Failed drop-off: if the drop-off was not successful, you will receive either an SMS or a notification through our app. Please note that at this point you might have received a phone call from our Customer Care team if the driver was attempting to deliver your bag but was unable due to a specific reason, and we will reach out to you with more information.

Due to the way in which we structure our routes, we are unable to provide with an estimated ETA for your delivery until the driver is two stops away, and we are also not able to abide to custom requests regarding delivery times. However, you do not need to be home at the time of the delivery, and you can provide us with specific pickup instructions, such as your gate code and/or callbox code so that our drivers can enter your house without having to ring the doorbell and don’t have to leave the bag in your doorway or at a place where you believe it might be unnecessarily exposed.

What is the Pre-Authorization charge on my credit card?

When you create and account, you’ll be asked to add a payment method for billing. You are not charged until you schedule a service. 

However, we do process a Pre-Authorization on this payment method. It is a $50 Pre-Authorization charge that is automatically canceled after signup. It’s simply to make sure the card is a working, valid card. 

The charge will fall off their bank statement in a few days depending on their bank.

Why was my dry cleaning not delivered with my laundry?

We offer next-day delivery for wash & fold laundry orders.

However, Dry Cleaning is not eligible for next day delivery. Dry Cleaning is a more involved cleaning process. It takes longer. That’s why Dry Cleaning is delivered a day later. There is no extra charge.

I received a message that there was dry cleaning found in my laundry bag. What’s next?

You’re receiving this message because we found one/some garments in your order that need to be sent to dry cleaning based on the garment care tags Here is what happens next:

  • Our team will transfer these items to a Dry Cleaning bag so they receive proper cleaning.
  • This Dry Cleaning bag will appear in your account as a new order. Don’t be alarmed if you see a new order in your app.
  • Your delivery for these Dry Cleaning items will now take place in two business days. However, the rest of your laundry will be delivered on schedule. Only the garment(s) getting dry cleaned will be delayed.

2ULaundry Customer Support

Knowledge Base & Help Center

We’re prepared a detailed Knowledge Base for you to use if you prefer to self-help with any support questions. While we’re always happy to help, we’ve found there are many people who prefer to handle things on their own. 

Our Knowledge Base is a robust collection of articles that helps answer questions from all parts of our business.

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We’re here to help!

We offer live support from 8am – 6:30pm (EST) during weekdays. On Saturdays, we offer live support from 8am – 2pm (EST). We are closed on Sunday.

We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business hours. Our goal is to help make your laundry day easy.

Residential Laundry Support

Text: 888-861-4245


Chat: 2ULaundry App

Commercial Laundry Support

Commercial Accounts work with a dedicated Account Manager to coordinate scheduling, financing options, pricing, etc.


Contact: Commercial Account Manager Here

Text: 888-861-4245  |  Chat: 2ULaundry App
^ Tip: Ask for a Commercial Specialist