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Download the 2ULaundry App

Residential & Commercial Laundry Service

The 2ULaundry Delivery app allows you to manage your orders. Currently, all ordering is done on the 2ULaundry App.

Laundry Delivery App FAQ

Download the 2ULaundry App to manage your laundry service account.

How do I select my laundry preferences?

In our app, you can select detergent, fabric softener, and starch preferences for your laundry. When you create your account, you will be asked to select these options. However, you can always adjust these by navigating to “Profile” tab in the app.

How can I add notes for the delivery driver?

We offer laundry service to houses, apartments/condos, and businesses. To better help our drivers locate your preferred delivery location, we ask you to choose the building type, enter access notes, and share location preferences as part of your registration process. To edit this, navigate to the “Profile” tab in the app.

Can I track the delivery driver?

Unfortunately, our systems do not allow you to live track the van that will pick up your laundry bag. We do, however, have an alert system that will notify you when the driver is close to the location where your order is scheduled to be picked up, and that will notify and remind you of all important upcoming events with text messages or push notifications.

How do I update my credit card?

You can manage your credit card in the app. We also provide a self-service billing portal that allows you to review your payment details, download your invoices and see your latest charges’ details.

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2ULaundry | Text to Schedule Laundry Service

Text to Order

In addition to the ability to schedule your laundry service in the app, we now offer Text-to-Order. Simply text “PICKUP” to 588-15 to schedule your order. We will automatically reply with some available dates. 

Select your date and wait for your order confirmation.

It’s simple. Laundry service is only a text message away!

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