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Purchase a Laundry Service Gift Card

Including options to pool money from multiple contributors for one recipient

Make someone’s day by gifting them a laundry service gift card! Select the gift card amount you would like to purchase and include a personalized note. They’ll receive an email with their gift card code.

Laundry Service Gift Card 

Two Ways to Purchase a Laundry Service Gift Card

Laundry service gift cards are the perfect gift! It’s a perfect gift for teachers, college students, and parents of newborns to name a few.

Gift cards come in increments of $50, $100, $250, and $500. We also include an option for you to select your own value for a custom gift card. When considering your laundry service gift card purchase, please remember that a single service usually costs about $100 for a week’s worth of laundry.

1. Gift Card

A normal gift card. Send a gift card to one recipient.

2. Group Gift Card

The Group Gift Card option allows you to effortlessly pool money from multiple contributors for one recipient. When checking out, you’ll be able to send an email inviting others to contribute to this gift. You’ll also get a share link after checkout.

Laundry Service Gift Card

Use the link below to purchase:

2ULaundry | Laundry Service Gift Card

Most Common Ways to Gift a Laundry Service Gift Card

Laundry service is a great gift. We find them particularly helpful in these most common scenarios.

1. New Parents

New parents love laundry service. What once was an under control laundry routine can be flipped upside down when babies get involved. A common way new parents use a laundry service is sending just the baby clothes. Of course, they’re welcome to send their own laundry as well – along with sheets and towels.

2. Families in Flux

Life happens. We originally launched our Group Gift Card option at the request of some amazing 2U customers who wanted to pool money together for a family going through chemo. Since then, we’ve committed to help match group gift card purchases with an additional $100 from 2ULaundry. When family is in the hospital, dealing with a natural disaster, or otherwise too preoccupied with anything but laundry – we’re here to help.

3. Going Away to College

During August back-to-school season, we see a lot of families making sure their new college students don’t have to worry about laundry. It’s simple. It makes sense. And, it’s a really helpful bridge between living at home to living alone. Plus, oftentimes community laundry rooms aren’t the cleanest places to do laundry…

4. Presents for Teachers

Teachers love gift cards. But, sometimes it’s hard to find a unique gift card to give. Consider a laundry service gift card next time the group of parents are shopping for an end of the year present.

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Purchase a Laundry Service Gift Card

Give the gift of free time by helping someone skip laundry day!