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It looks like we missed you. Here is what’s next.

Failed Laundry Pickup | 2ULaundry

It happens. The driver arrived and was unable to find any laundry to pickup. Here is what’s next and how we can help get things back on track.

Failed Laundry Pickup | 2ULaundry

Did you miss your laundry pickup?

We’re here to make laundry day easy. Missed pickups happen! We understand. Sometimes you forget. Sometimes life gets in the way. And, sometimes it is on us. Our drivers are full-time W2 delivery professionals – not Uber drivers or gig workers. However, mistakes happen or access notes are not properly set. If we missed you, we’ll gladly reschedule! Here’s what happens next.

Contact Support

If you’d like to discuss your schedule, the failed pickup, or access notes for our delivery drivers, please contact Customer Support. We’re happy to help!

We charge $10 for Failed Laundry Pickups. If for any reason the Failed Laundry Pickup was a mistake on our end, please let us know. We will gladly get this refunded and your access notes updated.

Reschedule Your Service

You may reschedule a new pickup in our app or through our text-to-schedule service for the next business day that works for you.

If you have a recurring schedule, your next pickup will default to your recurring schedule. If you do not have a recurring schedule, you will need to request a new pickup. This can be done in the app or via  texting the word “Pickup” to 588-15.

If you have questions or need assistance in scheduling, please contact our support team. Our goal is to get your order rescheduled and your account notes updated as quickly as possible.

2ULaundry | Text to Schedule Laundry Service

Text to Order

In addition to the ability to schedule your laundry service in the app, we now offer Text-to-Order. Simply text “PICKUP” to 588-15 to schedule your order. We will automatically reply with some available dates. 

Select your date and wait for your order confirmation.

It’s a simple way to reschedule your missed pickup.

Can I track the progress of the driver?

Our drivers operate on routes like UPS or FedEx. It’s not as on demand as Uber. That said, we do have a few ways you can keep up with the progress of the driver so you know when to expect your pickup and delivery:

1. In the App:

If you have downloaded and set up the app you will be able to schedule and track your order(s) as desired. Even if we have your account set up with recurring service days you will be able to track your schedule through the App. The app provides high level visibility into the scheduling – it does not provide an exact ETA for arrival.

2. Via Text Message:

As a reminder that your pickup and delivery is scheduled and in progress, we will send you automated text messages when the driver is on the way. This is a helpful heads up that we are getting close to your location and it’s time to prepare the laundry for pickup

3. Request an ETA:

You can request an ETA by texting “ETA” to 888-861-4245. Our team will find the ETA of your order and reply back with our best estimate. Please note that ETAs are subject to change based on traffic and routing. However, they get quite close!

Updating Your Delivery Instructions with Details

We offer service to houses, apartments/condos, and businesses. Better notes help our drivers prevent Failed Laundry Pickups.

To better help our drivers locate your preferred delivery location, we ask you to enter access notes, and share location preferences as part of your registration process.

In the app, you have the ability to add detailed notes. Here are some examples:

  • House: Pickup laundry inside gate by side door. Gate code: 123#
  • Apartment: Sundale Apartment Complex. Building 9. Apartment 201. Please knock loudly.
  • Business: Suite 202 is Southwest Massage Therapy. Enter through front door and find laundry in the linen closet at the end of the hallway down the right.
Leaving Laundry Outside for Laundry Service | First Laundry Delivery | Getting Started with a Delivery Laundry Service
Tips from our Drivers:

Not home? No problem! That’s very common! If you won’t be home, you can leave your laundry bags out for us – we’ll let you know when our driver is on the way. You can set detailed pickup and delivery notes in the 2ULaundry app for our delivery drivers. Here are some some tips.