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Glendale Laundry Service

Our laundry service offers delivery in Glendale, AZ. We make it easy to skip laundry day, with delivery right to your door. Sign up for a weekly service, or use us when the laundry starts piling up. Use promo code “TRY20” to save $20 on your first order.

Laundry Service in Glendale, AZ

We make laundry day easy! Laundry service delivered – at the click of a button.

Create Your Account

Create your 2ULaundry account, download the app, and select your cleaning preferences. Remember, our goal is to make laundry day as easy as possible for you. From our drivers to our laundry team, your clothes are in good hands!

Laundry Services Near Me in Phoenix, AZ
Wash Dry Fold Service in Phoenix, AZ - 2ULaundry

On Pickup Day

You’ll get your personalized laundry bags to separate your laundry & dry cleaning. On Laundry Day, you’ll stuff your bags and set them out. We’ll remind you the night before & again on the day of your service to make sure you don’t forget.

On Delivery Day

When your clothes are cleaned, crisp, and ready to wear, one of our laundry delivery drivers will return them to you – at your designated drop-off location. Our drawer-ready packaging makes unpacking easy!

Laundry Service in Phoenix, AZ - 2ULaundry

Not home? No problem!

Not home? No problem! That’s very common! If you won’t be home, you can leave your laundry bags out for us – we’ll let you know when our driver is on the way. You can set detailed pickup and delivery notes in the 2ULaundry app for our delivery drivers. Here are some some tips.

Local Glendale Laundry Service

Unlike other laundry delivery services, we clean your clothes at facilities through our laundromat brand, LaundroLab. We know laundry. We love laundry. And we’re really, really good at it!

Our drivers and laundry staff are professional, full-time W2 employees. No contractors, no gig-workers, no unlivable wages, and no confusion about who is actually doing your laundry.

We’re a laundry service you can trust!

Meet Your New Laundry Bags!

Customize our service for your laundry & budget. We use different bags to differentiate services which means you control the treatment & pricing. You only pay for the bags you use!

Wash and Fold Laundry in Phoenix - Pickup and Delivery

Laundry Bag

Black Duffle

Items in the wash & fold bags get treated like regular laundry – washed, dried, and beautifully folded.

Wash and fold laundry is washed on cold, dried on medium, expertly folded, and packaged for delivery back to you! Check your local pricing.

Phoenix Laundry Delivery - Laundry Service Bags

Linen Bag

Grey Bag

This discounted Linen Bag is only for sheets & towels.  It’s mostly used by our small business customers.

However, some folks love it for their household linens too. Using the service for your extra sheets and towels after your house guests leave is a great laundry hack!

Phoenix Laundry Service - Laundry Bags - 2ULaundry

Specialty Bags

Black & Pink Bags

The Dry Cleaning Bag is for your garments that need to be dry cleaned or laundered and then pressed – just like the dry cleaner.

Our Delicates Bag is for your wash and fold garments that need extra care. We wash your special garments with special treatment – separate from the rest of your order.

Glendale Laundry Service

From Scottsdale to Chandler and Paradise Valley to Mesa, we’re Phoenix’s favorite laundry service.

Top Phoenix, AZ Laundry Delivery Routes

Glendale Laundry Delivery FAQ

Is this your first time using a laundry delivery service? Here are some frequently asked questions. You’re going to love it!

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How much does laundry service cost?

We offer flat-rate prices. Use our different laundry bags to customize your service for your laundry and your budget.

We use different laundry bags to differentiate services which means you control the treatment and pricing. 

Stuff your bags full; it doesn’t change the price! Our pricing varies city-to-city and is detailed in the link below.

What should you expect from your first order?

We get it; this whole delivery laundry service concept is new. We’re here to help bridge the gap between your traditional laundry practices and our new take on it. We’ve put together a complete guide to your first order here.

How do the laundry bags work?

We use different bags to differentiate service, treatment, and pricing. This means it is up to you to control the treatment and pricing of your order.

You will be provided laundry bags for your first order.

However, most people use more than one bag type. Each bag has it’s own use. We offer way more than just laundry! We offer special, dedicated laundry bags for Delicates, Dry Cleaning, and Linens. You select the treatment your laundry gets by sending it in a specific laundry bag.

If you ever want us to deliver some new or replacement laundry bags to you, simply make a Bag Request in the app or contact Customer Support.

Please note that any items that you wish to be returned on hangers should be included in the dry cleaning bag. These garments will be priced individually. Learn more about our laundry bags here.

How quickly is the clean laundry delivered?

Wash & Fold laundry is delivered the next available service day. In all of our markets, we operate Monday through Friday. In some markets, we do offer Saturday service. When you schedule your pickup, you will see if Saturday is available in your neighborhood.

Dry cleaning and launder-press is a much more manual process. This special treatment for your special garments takes a little longer. Dry cleaning and launder-press orders are delivered on a two business day turnaround.

Do you offer discounts for business accounts?

Yes – we do.  2U Commercial Laundry is available at a discounted rate.

On top of a discounted per bag or per pound rate, we also offer variety of scheduling, packaging, bleach/solvents, and financing options. To learn more about our commercial service, request a consultation. We know commercial laundry. And we know laundry is an important part of your business.

How do most people use a laundry service?

It’s not always clear how to best use a laundry service if you’ve spent your whole life doing your own laundry. It’s more common than you’d think. Laundry services in general are becoming popular as a way to keep up. 

Most people use it weekly. Some people use it as a replacement for their washer and dryer. Some people use it only when life is particularly busy and the laundry is piling up.

The way you use a laundry service varies by budgets, schedules, work, school, family, etc. There is no one size fits all solution. We asked our customers how they use 2ULaundry to better show you the flexibility that a residential laundry service can provide. Here are some common uses.

What makes a good laundry serivce?

It’s important to know who is doing your laundry!

While you might not care who is delivering your pizza, you should care who is doing your laundry. With the rise of middle-man apps that pair you with the closest or cheapest service provider, you have no idea who is picking up, cleaning, and delivering your clothes. And, this likely changes order-to-order – sometimes even being sent to individuals to wash at their home instead of a professional company operating in a professional laundry facility.

At 2ULaundry, we’re real people doing real laundry – really well. We’re a laundry company alongside our sister brand, LaundroLab.

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Your laundry is in good hands.

You care about your laundry. We do too. Laundry is personal. We operate to the best practices of laundry care and dry cleaning. We sort lights and darks, check for items left in pockets, and track your laundry every step of the way with our proprietary technology built for our specialized cleaning process in our laundry facilities.

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Laundry Delivery in Glendale, AZ

We’re a laundry service you can trust with your laundry.