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Laundry Tips for Washing Delicate Clothes

Special Care for Your Special Laundry

Washing your delicates doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are our favorite laundry tips for washing delicate clothes from 2ULaundry’s delicate laundry service.

What are our best laundry tips for washing delicate clothes?

When doing laundry, the delicates can be a bit tricky to understand. We’re here to help!

When doing laundry, the delicates can be a bit tricky. Delicate clothes require separate delicate treatment from the rest of your laundry.

Some people love the challenge. Others just throw the delicate laundry in with the rest of their laundry and hope for the best. When it comes down to it, most people don’t know how to properly care for their delicate laundry. That’s why we’ve prepared these laundry tips for washing delicate clothes.

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Laundry Tips for Washing Delicate Clothes

1. Read the Care Tags One Time!

Nobody reads the garment care tags…

But, you should. Consider that your homework from us the next time you do some laundry. We know there’s no time do read every tag every time you do laundry. Start with just a couple garments. The goal is to become familiar with fabric types and care tag labels.

It’s easiest to do this when you purchase a new garment. Every garment has one of these care tags on it. And, nobody ever reads them! When you’re shopping next time, try reading the care tags before you checkout. Not only will it help you memorize the care instructions – it might just sway your purchasing decision.

If there are special instructions for washing a piece of clothing, it will typically be explained on a tag inside the garment.

Certain delicate fabrics, such as silk, synthetics, and fine knits, will have “hand wash” or “dry clean” tags. It’s best to follow these guidelines but this doesn’t necessarily prevent you from using your washing machine.

Modern washing machines come equipped with a variety of wash cycles pre-programmed. In fact, there are so many it can become overwhelming. Choose a delicate cycle and limit the number of garments inside the washer. 

Oftentimes, damage to delicate laundry comes from the agitation of garments against each other – not against the drum of the washing machine.

Laundry Tips for Washing Delicate Clothes

2. Have You Ever Tried Hand Washing?

Hand washing sounds like…a lot of work.

You’re picturing an old fashioned wash board that takes some elbow grease and a big bucket of water. Not only is there no time for that, there is no space for that either.

Hand washing is glorified soaking. Soaking your delicates before doing a light scrub will help ease out any stains and will help get the fabric clean. You really don’t need to scrub it much if you’re using detergent. Next time you see a Hand Wash garment – don’t sweat. It’s quite simple.

Laundry that has been soaking in detergent for 45 minutes will be mostly clean. That’s about as long as a typical washing machine cycle.

Cleaning requires four things: time, temperature, chemistry, and agitation. 

Here are the cleaning requirements for hand washing your delicate laundry:


45 minute soak




Add Detergent


Light, Occasional Scrub

Laundry Tips for Washing Delicate Clothes

3. Protecting the Integrity of the Fit

You’re more likely to damage your delicate laundry in a dryer than in a washer. And, that’s important for maintaining the integrity of the fit. 

Shrinking is the commonly know culprit for improperly drying delicate laundry. But, most often, it’s changing the integrity of the fit that is more of a threat.

Ruining how the garment fits can really change your perception of a good garment. That’s why it’s important to know how to properly dry your delicate laundry.

When drying your delicate laundry, there are two options that we recommend you use. 

Hang & Air Tumble

Hang dry your garments until they are mostly dry. 

The “Tumble Temp” is what we call the point when the garments reaches about 80% dry (20% moisture rating). At that point, move the garment(s) to the tumble dryer and tumble on Air Dry/No Heat for 6-8 minutes.

Note – When choosing a hanger, avoid cheap hangers that can produce dimples. Often times, hangers put strain on the garment and can misshape it. We recommend laying garments flat to dry – on a towel laid on a flat surface.

Extended Air Tumble

Most modern dryers have “Air Dry” settings. This means the temperature of the air blowing is actually room temperature. 

Most garments can be tumbled in a dryer with no heat. It might take a while – that’s why we call it “extended.” A pair of jeans will take a long time to dry with no heat.

The tumble prevents any residual moisture from making it’s way to your closet. You don’t want your closet gradually smelling like mildew. That’s why we recommend – whichever way you choose – that you tumble your garments.

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For some people, it’s a few pairs of their favorite jeans. For others, it’s bras, underwear, and leggings. The garments in this bag are getting specialized and separated treatment from the rest of your order.

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