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Sweater Weather 101: Care For Sweaters

Sweater Weather 101: Care For Sweaters – One of the best parts of cooler weather is getting to add your favorite sweaters back into your wardrobe mix. Whether it’s a colorful printed sweater, a soft cashmere sweater, or a sweater dress that keeps you cozy all over, we’re here with tips on how to keep your favorite looks looking fresh. Check out the tips below to learn how to care for sweaters you love.

Care for sweaters

4 Best Tips to Care for Sweaters This Season

Store your sweaters folded.

While the shelf space in your closet might be limited, it’s important to give priority to your sweaters. The best way to store sweaters between wears is folded, as hanging them on traditional hangers can leave them stretched out and misshapen. You can either fold your sweaters flat and stack them on a shelf or roll them gently and store them in a drawer.

Wash your sweaters carefully.

There’s no easier way to ruin a favorite sweater than to neglect to follow its care instructions. Whenever you get a new sweater, take a few minutes to read the care label and familiarize yourself with any special instructions. While it might be a pain to hand wash or dry clean your items, failing to follow their care instructions is a surefire way to make sure you never get to wear them again.

Wash after several wears.

Like most outerwear, sweaters can stand a few more wears between washings than more delicate or intimate clothing. Layer your sweater with a t-shirt or tighter long-sleeved shirt underneath to prevent sweating on the garment and you’ll only need to wash it after every 3–5 wears. Between washes, you can spot-clean your sweater if you encounter any spills or mishaps that leave a visible stain.

Let your sweaters air dry.

While it might be tempting to toss your sweater into the dryer with the rest of your clothing, doing so can result in a sweater that’s piled, shrunken, or otherwise misshapen. To dry your sweater, roll it up in a towel to absorb excess moisture as a first step and then lay it on a flat surface until it’s all the way dried. Some fabrics can take up to a day or two to fully dry so be sure you give yourself enough time between washing it and wearing it for it to dry all the way.

Sweaters are a comfortable and cozy fall and winter staple that, if cared for appropriately, are likely to last season after season. This year, take the extra care and time you need to make sure your favorite sweaters look their best.