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5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Linen Care is about attention to detail.

We process laundry for Airbnbs all over the country through our 2U Commercial service. Airbnb hosts all agree – laundry is the hardest part of their job. Keeping up with your household linens creates similar laundry to Airbnbs. Here are some tips you can steal from Airbnbs to use at home.

5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Tip #1: Preventative Maintenance is the Name of the Game!

Laundry doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” kind of deal. The best wash and fold laundry tip to stay sane is to be preventative with your laundry schedule. Don’t wait for the pile to be huge! Instead, work to knock out smaller, more reasonable loads throughout the week.

You can create a laundry schedule for yourself that comfortably places washing, drying, and folding time into your daily routine. Depending on the size of your household, you might be battling wash and fold laundry every day or every couple of days.

Throw in a load of clothes while making dinner, switch them over after you eat, and fold while watching your nightly Netflix episodes. Or throw laundry in when you get ready in the morning, switch it at lunch, and fold in the evening while you watch television. Essentially, plan your laundry time around your own schedule – you don’t need to dedicate all your time and energy to it!

The larger loads take more time. And, those give laundry a bad wrap. Slow and steady wins the race!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. But a mountain of laundry is the least effective way to do laundry.

Laundry Tip:

Slow and steady wins the race. If you fall behind, consider using a laundry service to help you catch up. Think about laundry service as your get out of jail free card!

5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Tip #2: Wash your Sheets, Comforters, and Towels Separately

Sheets, Comforters, and Towels should be washed separately for the following reasons:

  • Material Weight: Different material thickness means sharing a wash cycle can cause damage!
  • Different Material: Pilling can be prevented by washing with similar materials and textures.
  • Temperature Control: It’s hard to believe but, you’ll do more damage to fabric in a dryer than you will in a washer! Be careful…
  • Different Sizes: Different sizes of linens prevent tumbling which can mean uneven washing and drying – leading to uneven cleans.

You’ll find that separating your laundry into smaller, more symmetrical loads will make the process much easier. Symmetrical loads mean your like items are with your other like items – sheets with sheets, towels with towels, etc.

Laundry Tip:

Instead of generalizing all of your laundry into one “Laundry Day,” try separating it into a few different laundry days throughout the week.

5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Tip #3: Have Enough Backup Sheets & Towels to Balance Your Usage

How many sets of sheets and towels do you have? Most people don’t have enough.

You have plenty of forks and knives in the kitchen. What if you only had one for each person? A good kitchen has more than one fork and knife for each person. Operating your sheets and bedding is no different.

Running your household laundry with just enough linens for each bedroom can make things difficult and expensive. It puts a strict timeline on yourself, your family, and your washer and dryer. Having enough linens to keep your home properly stocked will:

  • Save time on laundry day – washing in bulk instead of one at a time
  • Save money with your laundry service.
  • Provide flexibility for your family regarding when they run their laundry.
  • Ensure you family never shows up to a bed without sheets on it.

Trying to manage household linens with a limited inventory can be incredibly stressful. Having extra inventory on hand is an easy solution. We recommend having 3 sets of sheets for each bed and three sets of towels for each bathroom.

Laundry Tip:

Make sure you have adequate backups. We recommend having 3 sets of sheets for each bedroom and three sets of towels for each bathroom.

5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bleach or Whiteners

Everyone knows that bleach can be used on your white laundry to keep it looking fresh. But, the world of bleach and laundry whiteners is so much more detailed than that. 

Most people reach for the bottle of Clorox bleach.

Don’t do that! You can do better. Using a bottle of Clorox to brighten your favorite t-shirt is like using a tractor to pull one weed in your yard. You don’t need that much horsepower! And, that much horsepower can cause unnecessary damage. But bleach and laundry whiteners are great tools for your laundry toolbelt.

The problem is that most people don’t know the difference between bleach and laundry whiteners. There are also different considerations to make within the umbrellas of each.

What is a Laundry Whitener? Laundry whiteners are a type of laundry detergent that helps to brighten and whiten clothes.

What is Bleach? Bleach is the generic name for any chemical product that is used to remove color from fabric. It often refers, specifically, to a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite, also called “liquid bleach”.

There is a serious range of products under the “bleach” shorthand name – ranging from simple laundry solutions to highly concentrated pool cleaners or wood stainers. In short, bleach is very powerful and can be very harmful to your laundry if improperly used.

What is the difference between Bleach and Laundry Whitener? Bleach is a bulldozer and laundry whitener is a small gardening shovel.

If you’re clearing 10 acres of farmland, you use a bulldozer. If you’re picking one weed in the small garden, you use a small gardening shovel. Regardless, don’t be scared to use a bleach or laundry whitener on your household linens. 

Laundry Tip:

When using bleach or laundry whiteners, be sure to administer after you linens are wet. Adding bleach or laundry whitener too early in the cycle can damage your linens.

5 Tips for Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Tip #5 Keep the Water Temperature Low

Lower temperatures are best for washing bedding. Most linen materials are sensitive, which means that higher temperatures can cause fraying or excess shedding. Always read the instruction labels before washing your bedding to prevent damage. Temperature settings at 80 – 100°F are ideal and will give you the best results. For better results, use a mild chemical-free detergent, as chemical detergents can end up damaging your nylon, linen, satin, or silk pillowcases and bedsheets if they are not administered properly.

Turning your pillowcases and duvet inside out keeps the material from shedding or colors from fading and helps thoroughly wash away any accumulated debris. It also allows them to be cleaned more thoroughly even at colder temperatures.

Where possible, bedding like duvets and pillow cases can be properly cleaned using colder temperatures when washed inside out.

Laundry Tip:

Cold water washing gets a bad wrap. It’s quite effective. With modern washers and high efficiency detergents, you do not need boiling hot water to properly clean your linens.

Household Linen Service | 2ULaundry

Linens Bag

The Linen Bag is perfect for your household’s linens – like sheets, towels, and bedding.

Some people only like to send their linens for cleaning. It’s a great way to use a laundry service! That’s why we offer a discounted Linen Bag specifically for your sheets and towels. These linens are typically harder to wash in smaller, residential washing machines.

Plus, the beautiful folding makes putting them away simple.

Laundry Service for Sheets and Towels | 2ULaundry | Household Linen Service

How Do Most People Use a Household Linen Service?

Our Linen Bag holds up to 35 pounds. That’s a lot of household linens – about four bedroom worth of linens and two bathrooms sets of towels. It’s perfect for your washable household items that take up a lot of room in your washing machine.

Every Week
Household Linen Service

“We send the sheets and towels every week. We only send our regular clothing on special occasions but we never miss a week for the linens. The Linen Bag is much cheaper than the regular laundry bags. And, it makes for a nice treat.

And our linen closet looks really organized. The sheets and towels are always beautifully folded.”

– Jessy C, one Linen Bag per week.

Every Once in a While
Household Linen Service

“I keep three sets of sheets and towels for each bedroom and bathroom. When I’m on my last batch, I’ll schedule an order to restock my sheet & towel stock at the house.

It’s typically once per month. Sometimes it’s once every two months.

It’s a great way to catch up when we fall behind.”

– Tina W, avg. 4-5 bags per year.

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We’re a laundry service you can trust with your laundry.

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