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Laundry Tips for Cleaning Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes seem to get more and more incredible every year. No wonder kiddies have so much fun playing dress-up. But they also tend not to survive their first post-Halloween wash due to poor construction and cheap fabrics.

It seems a waste to wear the costumes for only one day before burrying them in the back of your closet or throwing them away. By washing them carefully and following these top laundry tips for Halloween costumes, you and your family can will enjoy wearing their costumes all year round.

Well, if you want. That might be strange…

Tips for Cleaning Halloween Costumes

Check the Label

If it’s a professionally made costume, there should be a washing label in the back. Always check the labels first. Most will say “not machine washable,” but some polyester, nylon, acrylic, or cotton fabrics may be ok on a gentle wash cycle.

If the outfit needs dry cleaning, The Folde offers a quick, easy and affordable dry cleaning service. However, most over-the-counter Halloween costumes can he delicately washed.

Wash by Hand

Most costumes, whether shop-bought or awesome homemade ones need washing very carefully. The rough and tumble of the inside of a washing machine will damage and tear the costume.

Use a little detergent in a bucket and leave the costume to soak for an hour or two. A little gentle scrubbing will help remove any sticky sweet treat marks. However, fake blood may take a little longer to remove. Adding white vinegar to the water will help with those Dracula-style stains.

Take Care with Certain Fabrics and Materials

Many costumes are embellished and made with very delicate fabrics like tulle, spandex, and sparkly sequins. These types of materials need more care. Also, sequins and extra embellishments can catch on the rest of the fabric – you don’t want to tear the costume.

Wash gently by hand, being careful not to stretch the material. Spandex, in particular, stretches easily when wet. Never wring the costume out but instead squeeze gently and leave to air dry.

Use a Gentle Detergent

Children’s skin can be extra sensitive to some of the chemicals in detergent. So use a mild detergent when washing costumes. It can sometimes be a little challenging to get all the residue off when hand washing, so rinse thoroughly before leaving to dry.

Air Dry And Use A Low Heat To Remove Any Creases

Because of their delicate nature, it’s best to leave costumes to dry naturally. Hang them up in a warm place or lie them flat on a towel.

If there are still wrinkles and creases, use very low heat to iron them out. But always check the label first. Even the lowest iron heat can damage some fabrics. Nobody wants a Frankenstein-style tear in their Halloween costume.

Store in a Cool, Clean, and Dry Place

The best way to get the most out of Halloween costumes is to allow the children to wear them again. Kids love to dress up and will enjoy hours of fun playing in their costumes.

When they’re not wearing them, store them in a cool, clean, and dry place. Or pack them in a vacuum bag to prevent mold and mildew forming on them.

Laundry Tips for Halloween Costumes

A Happy Halloween for everyone

With these laundry tips for Halloween costumes, you and your family can enjoy Halloween dress-up tricks and treats without trashing the costumes.