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How Often You Need To Get Something Dry Cleaned

How Often Do You Really Need To Get Something Dry Cleaned? – If you’re the proud owner of any dry-clean-only items, you might spend more time than you’d like to admit wondering how often you should get your items dry-cleaned. If you’re curious about how often you should be taking common items like shirts and pants to the cleaners or stressing about whether you should really get your favorite suit or dress cleaned after every use, read on for our guidelines that will put your mind at ease and cut down your bill at the cleaners.

Dry Cleaned

How Often It is Necessary to Get Clothes Dry Cleaned?

Items to Dry Clean Every 1–2 Wears

While most items can go a few wears before you need to take them to the dry cleaner, some things should be professionally cleaned after every or every other wearing. This list includes your nicest shirts, blouses, and evening wear. While you might not notice any visible stains or marks, taking good care of these delicate pieces will help them last longer and wear better.

Dry Clean Every 3–4 Wears

While blouses, shirts, and evening wear should be cleaned after every or every other wearing, the bulk of your apparel items don’t need to be cleaned that frequently. Most sweaters, skirts, pants, dresses, and suits can easily last through three days of wear before you need to take them in to be cleaned. If you see visible marks or stains between dry cleaning sessions you can either spot-clean your item using a dry-clean-only safe method or elect to take your items in to be cleaned a little sooner.

Tip: You can also extend the time between sweaters and suits needing to be cleaned by wearing an undershirt with your item.

Dry Clean Every Season

Some items, like outdoor jackets and outdoor coats, should be dry cleaned one to two times each season. While many people only get their items cleaned at the end of the season before putting them away for a few months, others find that they like that ‘just cleaned’ feeling that comes with getting their items cleaned at the beginning and in the middle of the season.

Dry Clean Every 6 Months

While it probably feels like a treat to only have to take in jackets and other seasonal items once or twice per season, there are some things you don’t even need to take in that frequently. While you’ll need to clean the things you wear a bit more frequently, most of the things you use around the house like throw pillows, comforters, duvet covers, and bedspreads only need to be cleaned about every six months. Make a habit of taking your items in to be cleaned as you switch from your spring and summer decor to your fall and winter decor and it won’t even feel like a chore!

Dry Clean Every Year

If you get your curtains dry-cleaned, the good news is that you only need to do so about once per year. Choose a time of year to do this consistently each year (like when you put up holiday decorations or do your spring cleaning) and you’ll never forget!

With this handy list of how frequently you need to get different items cleaned, you’ll likely spend less time (and money!) at the dry cleaner. That’s a win worth celebrating!