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Hotel Laundry Strategies You Can Use at Home

Hotel Quality Laundry Tips You Can Use At Home

You can learn a lot of interesting laundry-related strategies from hotel housekeeping and laundry teams. Hotels know how to do laundry really well! We’ll teach you about four most important words in hotel laundry: time, temperature, chemistry, and agitation.

Hotel Laundry is Four Parts: Time, Temperature, Chemistry, and Agitation.

Commercial laundry facilities 15,000 square foot automated warehouses. Your laundry room can’t match up. But, you can learn some good tips to use in your at home laundry routine.

1. Wash on Longer Cycles

Modern washers are created with a lot of options for speed. Well, good things take time. Opting for speed is opting for convenience over cleanliness. Hotel laundry processes are extended soaks – not 30 minute spin cycles. Real cleaning happens over time. The first of the consideration for hotel laundry is: Step 1 – Time.

Time matters.

Opt for longer cycles – like hotel laundries do. Longer soaks loosen the soil which makes it easy to remove when you finally get to Step 4 – Agitation.

Takeaways for Your Laundry Routine

Avoid quick cycles on your machine.

Opt for extended washes for a better clean.

2. Hotel Laundry Uses Hot Water at 160°F

Hotel laundry uses hot water which is Step 2 – Temperature.

It’s hotter than your residential washing machine can handle. It’s hotter than a washing machine at a laundromat can handle. It is washed at 160°F.

When you wash your sheets and towels at home, take a page out of the hotel laundry playbook and use hot water.

‍For true sanitization and aggressive stain removal, hot water is the only way to go. This setting is ideal for household fabrics and what’s primarily in the laundry room at hotels such as cotton-based sheets, comforters, towels, and pillowcases. Hot water will better manage the detergents, bleaches, and solvents that you are using. It will improve the stain treatment and will keep your sheets feeling new.

Takeaways for Your Laundry Routine

Use Hot Water for Sheets & Towels.

3. Wash with Solvents – Not Detergents

Target, WalMart, and Amazon don’t sell commercial cleaning solvents. If you are interested in stronger, linen specific solvents that the hotels use, you can buy them. But, you won’t find them at the supermarket.

You can still buy it. You’ll need to buy in bulk – a couple months at a time. However, for white linens and towels, you’re looking for an Enzyme Detergent with Oxygen Bleach. The detergent you use is important. That’s why it out recommended Step 3- Chemistry.

Contrary to popular belief, most grocery store detergents don’t clean laundry. 

Takeaways for Your Laundry Routine

Consider buying an enzyme detergent from a local distributor

4. Smaller, More Consistent Loads of Laundry

Hotel laundry is mostly sheets, towels, comforters, and other large, bulky items. Most commercial washers are set up to wash over 275 pounds at a time. That’s over 45 regular loads at once! You don’t have access to that type of washer…

That’s ok. It’s not about the size of the machine. It’s about the empty space in the machine.

Sheets and towels need proper space to tumble, which is Step 4 – Agitation. Many people make the mistake of stuffing their washer too full. When machines are stuffed full, the linens have nowhere to tumble. And, linens don’t get properly cleaned unless they have proper agitation.

To loosen dirt, skin, hair, and stains, linens need agitation. Movement, pressure, and friction to disrupt stains and properly clean.

Part of the agitation is the machine tumbling clockwise and counter-clockwise. However, the other part of the agitation is the linens rubbing against each other while tumbling. Linens that have nowhere to move in the cycle can’t properly agitate. 

Most small, residential machines aren’t designed to process the amount of laundry most people put in at once. Spread you loads into multiple smaller loads for a better clean.

Takeaways for Your Laundry Routine

It’s better to do smaller more consistent loads.

Linens need to tumble. Don’t overstuff your washer or dryer.

Wash your sheets & towels separately.

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