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It’s your first commercial laundry service from 2ULaundry!

Getting Started with Commercial Laundry Delivery Service

That’s exciting! But, we get it. Switching laundry processes is a big step. That’s why we’ve prepared this “What to Expect” guide to your first commercial laundry service.

How do I place an order?

As a base offering, we offer a-la-carte or recurring scheduling through our app. Create an account by downloading our app for either iOS or Android devices. Enter your contact information, select your services, and set your cleaning preferences.

However, commercial laundry often needs much more customization than our app currently offers. We find most businesses want more than basic scheduling functionality. As part of your Onboarding Process, your Account Manager will talk you through all available bookend scheduling, multi-day turnarounds, or preferred delivery times.

For a better onboarding experience, consider scheduling a meeting with one of our Commercial Laundry Specialists. Not only will you review scheduling options – but also pricing, packaging, and invoicing options.

I don’t have laundry bags yet. What do I do?

As part of your onboarding, your laundry bags will be delivered before your first pickup.

In the event that you aren’t able to have these laundry bags delivered before your first pickup, you will leave your laundry in disposable bags for our drivers to pick up. Trash bags and other laundry bags work well here. Please avoid sending your laundry in hampers or on hangers – both can be damaged in transport. When we return your clean laundry, we will include your personalized 2ULaundry laundry bags. Once you have these laundry bags, you can stuff them full at your convenience for future orders.

After your first order, it is important that all laundry is sent in 2ULaundry Bags only. These bags are how we track, process, sort, and scan your laundry. The QR codes on the bags are the cornerstone of our production process. If you need extra bags, please contact Customer Support and we will have some delivered to you – free of charge.

How is my laundry packaged for delivery?

The cleaning process is important. However, a good commercial laundry service will make putting away your linens easy. What good is a pile of clean laundry that you have to sort through to get it back into your linen closet? Because everyone has different storage and sorting needs for laundry, we offer two options:

No Sorting Preferences

Laundry is washed, dried, and folded back into the bag that it was picked up in. We do our best to pack like items with like items. However, we do not move items from one laundry bag to another.

This is common for businesses with:

  • only one type of linen – like a gym with only towels
  • only low volumes of laundry – like a single unit Airbnb rental
Custom Sorting Preferences

Laundry from all of your laundry bags is first sorted by size and type of linen. This means your laundry is returned in bundles with like items. Your Queen Fitted Sheets are separated from your King Flat Sheets.

This is a premium offering for accounts with:

  • recurring service at least once per week
  • high volume of laundry
  • a variety of laundry and linen SKUs that require itemized packaging

What time is laundry be picked up and delivered?

Our drivers operate on routes like UPS or FedEx. 

As a reminder that your pickup and delivery is scheduled and in progress, we will send you automated text messages when the driver is on the way. This is a helpful heads up that we are getting close to your location and it’s time to prepare the laundry for pickup.

You can request an ETA by texting “ETA” to 888-861-4245. Our team will find the ETA of your order and reply back with our best estimate.

To help ease any discomfort around timing, we encourage you to add detailed pickup or delivery notes to your account – like gate codes, access points, or business hours. 

How quickly is the clean laundry delivered?

We offer next-day delivery options for commercial laundry service.

As a base offering, we offer a-la-carte or recurring scheduling. However, most businesses need more than basic scheduling functionality. As part of your Onboarding Process, your Account Manager will talk you through all available bookend scheduling, multi-day turnarounds, or preferred delivery times.

Oftentimes, the question “How quickly is the clean laundry delivered?” is really asking “How can we help manage your laundry inventory throughout the week?” Sometimes you need next-day delivery and sometimes you don’t – that is why we work with you to customize your schedule.

Your First Commercial Laundry Service

Every business is different. Here are some common FAQ that will help you prepare for your first commercial laundry service.

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Is my laundry washed with other laundry?

No, all commercial laundry is processed by itself. We do not mix any of your laundry in the cleaning process. Your trust and your laundry is important! Your laundry is never mixed with other laundry. It is washed, dried, and beautifully folded as a single, individual order.

What cleaning detergents & solvents are used?

For our commercial laundry service, we work with a national detergents and solvents distributor. We use high efficiency, commercial grade detergents and solvents – including the option for bleaching whites with a hotel-quality linen whitener.

Do I need to separate my whites and colors?

No, we sort for you! All wash and fold laundry is sorted multiple ways for washing and drying – meaning your whites are never washed with colors and towels are never washed with your sheets. We also work to check all linens for stains in production.

Does 2ULaundry offer pressing service on linens?

We’re based in laundromats – through our sister-brand, LaundroLab. We process your laundry locally using a our custom laundry process and technology. However, we do not have pressing machines. We do our best to reduce wrinkles but do not offer pressing.

How is stained laundry handled?

Stains on white linens are the easiest to remove however stains on towels can be stubborn. Stains on colored linens are very difficult to remove.

Once stains are set, they often times become unrepairable. We use commercial solvents we use to treat these. These are solvents not available for purchase at a store. Please mark your stain and let us know. We will do our best! If there is no rush in getting the laundry returned, we can run multiple cleanings and deliver it to you after a few days, Please let me know if this is something you would like to try.

How do I know my laundry is safe?

We have a custom-built, in-house technology system built to track your laundry bags through all steps of the process. This is why it is critical to use our laundry bags with the QR codes. Every step of the way we know where your linens are located, what step in the cleaning process they are in, and what is needed to get them back to you.

We do not mix your laundry/linens with any other laundry/linens in the cleaning process. Your laundry is kept separate from all other laundry in the wash cycles, dry cycles, and folding process. Remember, all of your laundry is done in our locally owned and operated laundromats.

Commercial Laundry Onboarding Questionnaire

As part of onboarding, we’ll ask you to complete a thorough Onboarding Questionnaire.

This form asks all the basic questions including contact & delivery info, but it also asks the more involved questions that inevitably arise from our laundry team and delivery drivers. Laundry is complicated. And, it’s personal.

By asking these questions upfront, we avoid any hiccups and provide the smoothest possible service from the beginning. These questions include:

  • Basic description of your laundry/linen inventory
  • Where do you purchase your linens?
  • When we sort your linens and package it for delivery, how do you want your linens organized?

We also ask for photos and/or videos of:

  • How do you store your laundry once you unpack it?
  • How do we access the laundry pickup/dropoff location from the front door?

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This combination of questions helps us answer exactly how to package your laundry for delivery. You simply open our bags and place on the shelf.  It makes sure we aren’t walking in the wrong door or leaving the laundry somewhere inconvenient. We want pickup, delivery, and everything in between to be smooth, consistent, and hassle-free for you.

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Ready to get started with commercial laundry service?

We’re a laundry service you can trust with your business.

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