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#1 Cleaner in Charlotte, NC

Whether you’re in Uptown, Matthews, or somewhere in between, laundry and dry cleaning is easy as 1-2-3! Simply place your clothes in the complimentary blue and black bags at your doorstep. We’ll come pick it up, clean it to our high standards and your personalized preferences and deliver it the very next business day. Garments are priced by the item, which are competitive with your local dry cleaners , but without the hassle of waiting in traffic! Bags are priced at a flat rate of $25 and $35 for the small and large bags, respectively. Whatever fits, we’ll clean it! Get back these wasteful hours of your life and spend time doing what you love!

Reasons we’re better than your cleaner.

Free Pickup & Delivery

Every pickup and delivery is free of charge. With flat-rate pricing for laundry, per-item pricing for dry cleaning and free pickup & delivery, you’ll always know how much each order will cost!


1 Business Day Turnaround

We’ll deliver your clothes washed, dried and folded or dry cleaned to your preferences in 1 Business Day. Don’t waste hours and hours doing laundry when you know they’ll get back cleaned in 1 day.


Office/Apartment Servicing

We accommodate your location and schedule. We’ll work with your strict apartment complex or rigid company guidelines to make the process as seamless as possible!


Our Charlotte Neighborhoods

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