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Business Laundry Service vs Doing The Laundry Yourself – Which is better?

Whatever business you’re running, a commercial or business laundry service partner is one of the most important partnerships you can make. If you are still debating whether or not to take the plunge into a commercial laundry service partnership, here are some tips to help you learn more about the benefits of a business laundry service partnership!

The Top 5 Differences Between a Business Laundry Service vs Doing The Laundry Yourself

You wouldn’t hesitate to hire a plumber when the pipes are leaking, right? Would you hesitate to hire a web developer to help build and maintain your website, right?

Why would you hesitate to hire a commercial laundry service to help with your business’s laundry? Hiring a professional laundry service comes with plenty of benefits and perks – ranging from the equipment, process, and efficiency used. Let’s explore the 5 key differences between commercial laundry service vs doing the laundry yourself:

#1: Less Time and Hassle On Your End

With work, social, and family responsibilities contributing to your busy daily life, the last thing that you want to worry about is staying on top of your laundry chores. Lucky for you, all of the time spent sorting, folding, and transferring your laundry is gone with the help of a professional laundry service, all of which will save you time and hassle in the long run.

#2: Much Higher Load Capacity

The chances are your home has just one washer and dryer available to wash your linens in, which isn’t always enough to do all of the laundry needed for your business or family. Professional-grade washers can withstand much larger loads without the risk of breaking over constant use as a piece of at-home washing equipment would.

Thinking About Doing Your Business Laundry Yourself

#3: Money Saved On Replacing Washer

There is no denying that the upfront cost of commercial laundry services is greater than that of an at-home job. However, it is important to note that there is ample money saved in other ways. Not only will outsourcing your laundry save you on the money it would take to replace an overused washer at home, but there is also no need to constantly purchase detergents, dryer sheets, and other smaller laundry fees that add up across the years.

#4: More Thorough and Precise Clean

Even if you’re using the best of at-home laundry techniques, there is nothing quite like the level of cleanliness accomplished through a professional clean. This is because commercial laundry services have stronger detergents and higher-quality washing and drying equipment to get the job done right and clear away pesky stains each and every time.

On top of that, the team of professionals found at commercial laundry services knows exactly how to handle a variety of materials, linens, and clothes to achieve the best clean possible.