More Spring Cleaning Hacks

If you didn’t come over here from our Spring Cleaning Guide page, make sure to download and print out the checklist from there so you’re on top of all your to-do’s this season. Since you couldn’t get enough of the tips from there, here are some more spring cleaning hacks heard straight from our customers!

Julianne, one of our 2020 Timekeepers, has a few hacks that she and her family are keeping busy with to make their whole house clean. This includes sweeping the garage, organizing the pantry, planting flowers and seeds, washing their car, and even donating their extra clothes to 2ULaundry! Outsourcing the smaller tasks to her children while working cooperatively on the larger ones is a great way to bond with your family during spring cleaning!

Lauren & Julie, 2ULaundry Legacy Brand Ambassadors have a couple tips for you as well. When the weather starts getting better, they use 2ULaundry to wash their winter clothes. Like every wash, dry, fold as well as dry cleaning orders, 2ULaundry returns them in airtight plastic bags. They like to store them until the next winter season comes around! You can put them away with the peace of mind that they’ll be clean when winter rolls back around. It’s a great way to keep clothes clean for months and seasons at a time!

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