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How to Use a Laundry Delivery Service

Published Date:
February 29, 2024

How do most people use a laundry service?

It’s not always clear how to best use it in unison with the rest of your life: budgets, schedules, work, school, family, etc. There is no one size fits all solution – but here is some advice from our current customers.

How do most people use 2ULaundry?

No matter how you use it, delivery laundry service helps everyone lighten the load. See where you find your sweet spot. Wherever it is, we’ve got a spot for you.

1. Every Week

For weekly laundry service, you just set it and forget it! We offer an option to make your schedule recurring. Instead of logging in to place an order every week, our recurring option allows you to set it and forget it. It’s similar to the recurring schedule that your pool cleaners, housekeeper, or landscapers offer their services.

Customer Tips - Weekly Laundry Service

“2ULaundry takes care of three-quarters of my family’s laundry on a weekly basis. We have a washer & dryer at home for the small stuff that is always needed like the kid’s school uniforms and soccer jerseys. The weekly recurring pickups is scheduled out for us just like the maid service and pool cleaners.” –Jessica B, avg. 2-3 bags per week.

2. Every Once in a While

You never know when you might run into a laundry emergency. So, a recurring schedule might not work for you! That’s ok!

You can still call in the professionals when you really need some help. Use 2ULaundry as your "get out of jail free" card when the laundry really starts piling up. You don’t need to be on a recurring schedule to order laundry service with 2ULaundry. You can simply place an order whenever you need some help.

Customer Tips - Every Once in a While

“I started using 2ULaundry to help out my to-do list when we have stressful things on the horizon. It’s usually just before we have house guests in town, when my husband is traveling for work, or right before we are going on vacation. Now that I think of it, when we get back from vacation is by far my favorite time to order!” –Erin P, avg. 5 bags per year.

3. Only with a Coupon

Do you love coupons? We do too!

When our driver’s routes are not quite full, we send a message out to households in that neighborhood letting you know. If you place an order via text message reply, your order is automatically discounted. These discounts range from $5-$15 based on both your neighborhood and the number of slots remaining on the route.

Customer Tips - Only with a Coupon

“I don't mind doing laundry for our family! However, I always place an order when there are coupons. The Customer Support team will send texts a couple of times per month offering discounts because the delivery driver in my area needs more stops on a certain day. It is a quick way to save $10-ish on the service. It's my little surprise treat to myself. ” – Rey A, avg. 1 bag per month.

4. Only Sheets & Towels

Maybe you’re not quite comfortable sending all of your personal laundry out to be cleaned. Laundry is very personal! We understand that!

You’re not alone! A large segment of our laundry service customers use 2ULaundry as a way to help out with those less personal sheets & towels. Sheets & towels are harder to wash in smaller, residential washing machines. Plus, when we beautifully fold them, unwrapping them is a real treat! We offer a Linen Bag at a lower price than our Wash & Fold Laundry Bag because of three reasons.

Customer Tips - Linen Laundry Service

“I keep three sets of sheets and towels for each bedroom and bathroom. When I’m on my last batch, I’ll schedule an order to restock my sheet & towel stock at the house. I’d like to think it’s once a season but it’s probably closer to once every six-months. Oops!” – Tina W, avg. 4-5 bags per year.

5. Only Kids Clothes

Sending your kids clothes to a laundry service is a serious parent hack. Kids clothes are always hard to fold! They’re so small and they take a ton of time. But, you know that.

Consider sending your kids clothes only. That helps you save significantly when compared to sending all of the laundry in the household. Plus, tiny kids clothes means you can really stuff a lot of laundry into our flat-rate bags...

Customer Tips - Only Kids Clothes

“I really like using for my kids laundry. That may not be conventional but it’s nice getting a head start on laundry every so often to help me never fall too far behind. Too far may be the keyword there. With my kids, I am always behind on laundry. 2ULaundry really helps!” – Amy P, avg. 2 bags per month.

2ULaundry is a premium laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery service available in Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, Austin, San Antonio, and Phoenix. Learn more about 2ULaundry and sign up on our website.

Our promise to you

We will do everything we can to return your clothes to you in great shape. In the rare instance that an item goes missing or is damaged during the cleaning process, we’ll reimburse you up to the full value of the item with a $1,000 maximum per order.