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How to Really Clean Your Bathroom

Published Date:
November 28, 2023

There’s nothing better than a fresh, clean house, but getting there isn’t always as pleasant or easy as we might hope.

Most people don’t love cleaning and, when it comes to certain rooms, a lot of people aren’t even sure the best way to go about making sure everything is clean and sparkling.

If you’re doing some serious spring cleaning and want to know the down and dirty on getting your bathroom truly clean, read on for the steps you’ll need to follow for a sparking bathroom!

1. Remove everything

The first step in your cleaning process should be to remove everything you can from the bathroom.

Remove self-care items from the vanity top and within the shower and remove any rugs and trash cans from the floor.

Clearing your surfaces will give you access to the spaces you need to clean.

2. Sweep and wipe surfaces

Now that your surfaces are clear, you can get to work making sure they’re clean.

Wipe down your vanity top, sink and faucets with an all purpose cleaner and sweep the bathroom floor.

3. Apply cleaner to the shower and bathtub

Most cleaning agents used to clean bathtubs and showers need to sit for a little while before you get to work scrubbing.

Apply your shower and bathtub cleaner now and then move on to your next task to give it time to work.

4. Take care of other surfaces

While your shower and tub cleaner sits, take the time to clean all the other surfaces in the bathroom.

Spray some all purpose cleaner on your cleaning devices and get to work on your bathroom shelves, towel rack, baseboards and windowsill.

Experts recommend working from the top of the room to the bottom!

5. Clean the shower and tub

After letting your shower and tub cleaner sit while you work on the rest of the bathroom, you’ll need to really clean the shower and/or tub.

Scrub away any dirt or build up and then thoroughly rinse your tub or shower, being sure to wash away all of your all purpose cleaner.

6. Clean the toilet

After making sure your tub and shower are sparkling, it’s time to clean the toilet.

Use a toilet-specific cleaner on the inside of the toilet bowl and use a toilet brush to scrub away any discoloration or buildup.

For the outside of the toilet, use an all purpose cleaner to wipe down it’s surfaces.

7. Mop the floor

As a last step in your cleaning process, use hot water and a cleaning solution to mop your bathroom floor. Once it dries, replace your rug, trashcan and anything else you removed from the bathroom before cleaning.

While no one loves cleaning their bathroom, it feels good to have a space that you know it sparkly clean. Follow the steps above regularly and you’ll be rewarded with a never-to-messy bathroom!

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