How to Organize Your Accessories

Getting organized can be hard but, once everything has a place, most people find that staying organized isn’t too tough. If you’ve got a closet full of organized items, and a dresser full of folded clothes but find yourself struggling with how to organize your accessories, this one’s for you!

Check out the ideas below for organizing your everyday accessories in a way that will help you keep everything in its place!


When you’re aiming to organize your shoes the most important thing you can do is make sure they are stored in pairs somewhere visible.

If you have the floor space in your closet, consider investing in a stackable shoe rack for easy spotting.

If you don’t want to use the floor space, consider a hanging shoe rack that attaches to the back of your closet door.


Purses have a way of ending up in a tangled pile unless you have a plan for storing them between uses. If you have one or two purses that you use most days, consider keeping them out of your room and in either your mudroom or front closet for easy access.

For other purses that you may use less frequently, consider hanging hooks on the interior wall of your closet and storing them hanging to avoid them getting lost in the shuffle.


When it comes to jewelry, there are lots of creative ways to stay organized.

Consider hanging your necklaces and bracelets on a designated wall hanger above your dresser to add to the color in your room or, if you’d prefer to keep things out of sight, invest in some jewelry organizers that can be stored in the top drawer of your dresser.


Scarves are often seasonal items so it’s important to have ways to store them that are both easy to access and easy to put away.

During the warmer months, consider moving your scarf collection to a closed box that can be stored out of reach.

When things start to cool down consider looping a few scarfs at a time around the bottom bar of a hanger so that they hang with your other items and are easy to spot and select!


When it comes to hats, consider making a statement by hanging them on your bedroom wall so that they double as decor. To display your hats, simply hang hooks in an organized pattern on your wall and loop one hat over each hook.

Identifying the right storage options for your accessories can be tough but, once you have a place for everything you’ll be happy you did it! Read some of our other organization tips posts for kids’ rooms, closets and kitchens as well!

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