Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning
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How to Clean Your Couch and Pillows

Published Date:
November 28, 2023

Amidst the novel Coronavirus pandemic, you – like most of the world—are probably social distancing yourself right now, working from home, and possibly going a little stir-crazy. If you need a break from working, vacuuming, Netflix-ing, and scrolling endlessly through Instagram and Facebook, we have some ideas for you. And no, they aren’t the traditional ideas you’ve heard (baking, learning guitar, or reading). While all those activities are great for the potential weeks of isolation, we suggest that you take time to do some deep cleaning.

We all (hopefully) wash our sheets once a week, our towels every 3 days, and our clothes as often as needed, but when was the last time you washed your pillows?

Not your pillowcases – your pillows.

When was the last time your couch got that scrub down it’s been needing? Never? Okay, well now is your chance! Stop putting those daunting tasks off and get clean!

Washing pillows is something most people don’t think of doing, but do you know how much bacteria 1 pillow can harbor? A lot. More than your toilet seat. It’s said that 1/3 of your pillows weight is due to skin, dust mites and bugs – gross! Luckily, it’s easy to clean pillows!

Follow these steps:

1. Remove pillow case
2. Fill washing machine with the hottest water setting and your favorite detergent
3. When cycle is complete, rinse 2-3 times
4. Pop pillows in the dryer, or air-dry them
5. Put on (clean) pillowcases
6. Sleep like a baby

Now that you’re done with your pillows, let’s move onto the couch. Yes, the couch where you fall asleep watching Sunday afternoon golf, the couch your kids have spilled food on, the couch you have spilled wine on, the couch that is harboring millions of germs, dust mites, and bacteria. This couch can also contain listeria, the flu-causing virus. Still want to Netflix-and-chill on that germ-infested comfy couch? Neither do we. So how can you clean it?

1. Remove the couch covers
2. Throw those suckers in the wash – make sure you zip up the covers first!
3. Hang dry these guys – you don’t want them to shrink and be rendered unusable

As for the part of the couch that can’t be thrown in the wash:

1. Mix 1 cup water, ½ vinegar, and 1 TBSP of dish soap in a spray bottle
2. Spray the mixture on the remaining parts of the couch (back, arms, large pillows that can’t be put in washing machine)
3. Let that mixture soak in for a few minutes and then gently rub back and forth with a soft cloth
4. Now just let the coach sit and absorb
5. Check back in an hour and make sure there aren’t any super wet spots
6. Once couch is dry, spray with your favorite disinfectant and finish with some Febreze (your family will thank you)

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