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6 Benefits of Using a Home Laundry Service

Outsourcing Your Home Laundry Has Some Serious Benefits

A home laundry service is exactly what it sounds like – a laundry service for your home laundry. You can use a home laundry service to get help with laundry – the same way you might use a pool cleaner, landscaper, or housekeeper. 

1. Using a Home Laundry Service is incredibly convenient.

You can’t get more convenient than a service that picks up your laundry and returns it to you fresh, cleaned, and ready to wear. But seriously, you no longer have to worry about carving time out of your week to dedicate to laundry. A local pick-up laundry service like 2ULaundry will handle everything for you. You can even have your clothes picked up or delivered to the office—score!

‍According to the 2021 State of Delivery Report, 68% of consumers reported that they’re more likely to purchase delivery service options than they were before the pandemic. And, this trend is only growing. People love the convenience of a home laundry service!

‍Most families use 2ULaundry every week. This allows them to get their clothes on a predictable day each week. These folks use it as an insurance policy to make sure they stay caught up on laundry. On a weekly schedule, laundry reinforcements are never far away!

2. You can save up to 5 hours per week using a Home Laundry Service

What’s the worst part of doing laundry? Everyone has their preference. Some don’t mind washing but hate folding. Others don’t mind folding but can never remember to flip their clothes from the washer to the dryer. And, don’t even get us started on putting the clothes away…

‍Laundry takes a lot of time! Most people dedicate several hours each week to laundry. The average person in the USA will spend 480 hours on laundry per year. That is a ton of time!

‍Although hiring someone to do your laundry or clean your house may seem superfluous considering you can do those chores yourself, this Harvard Professor argues that the benefits of outsourcing your most disliked activities far outweigh the cost of hiring someone to do them. The boost is the equivalent of 18,000 happiness dollars.

3. Home Laundry Delivery is fast!

Need your lucky shirt washed for the big presentation tomorrow? No problem. Services like 2ULaundry accommodate next-day delivery!

‍Have family coming in to visit? You’ll spend all day washing your guest bedroom linens in a smaller, residential washer and dryer. Instead, try sending these to a home laundry service. You’ll have them delivered back before the guests arrive.

4. Most Laundry Services provide professional quality

We’re experts in garment care! Laundry services, like 2ULaundry, hire and train experienced professionals. We do a lot of laundry. And, we’re really good at it!

‍As a result, your laundry comes back crisp, clean, and beautifully folded.

‍Our new take on laundry and dry cleaning is simple. We obsess over every detail throughout the cleaning process because, as you know, cleaning your clothes is an art — not a science.

Unlike old-school laundromats, we believe wash & fold doesn’t mean washing it all together, folding it, and stuffing it back into one big, wrinkled mess. That’s why we take pride in the lengths we go to in separating and treating your laundry based on manufacturer laundry recommendations.

Unlike other delivery options, we operate our own production facilities. We know laundry; we don’t just resell to the local laundromat. We believe that you should know who is doing your laundry – not just ordering from any app you find online.

‍At 2ULaundry, we’re real people who do real laundry. Our production facilities are staffed with W2 production attendants and top-of-the-line Laundry machinery and storage systems.

5. Home Laundry Service can be customized to your budget

Sometimes you don’t want to cook. What do you do? You order takeout!

‍Using a laundry service is no different. Cooking dinner at home might be cheaper, but can you put a price on the convenience?

You’ll save time, utilities, and machine maintenance. Not to mention, you save money on laundry detergents and other laundry supplies as well.

But, let’s talk money!

In addition to time spent on laundry, people also spend quite a bit of money on laundry detergent. Consumers spend an average of $15-25 once or twice a month on detergent. Simple math shows that people spend between $180 – $600 per year (or every 300-390 loads) on laundry detergent. That’s a lot of laundry detergent!

According to Procter & Gamble Co., the average American family washes 300-390 laundry loads per year, which means they’re spending between $180-$600 per year on detergent.

‍How much does it cost to do an average load of laundry? Combining all of these factors, the average cost of a load of laundry is $1.27. At this cost, if you do one load per week, doing laundry costs $66.04 per year. If you do four loads per week, doing laundry costs $264.16 per year. If you average eight loads per week, doing laundry costs $528.32 per year.

The average American household spends at least $1,500 yearly on laundry – from washing machines to laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric softeners.

6. Laundry Services are environmentally efficient.

Thanks to the energy and water-efficient equipment that home laundry service providers use, laundry businesses use far fewer resources than individuals washing their own clothes.

‍Since 75-85% of the environmental impact of our clothes comes from washing and drying, it’s worth considering.

‍The good news is that most laundromats and laundry services are greener than they’ve ever been due to improvements in machinery and more environmentally friendly cleaning solvents and detergents.

How do most people use 2ULaundry?

There is no one size fits all solution – but here is a start.

Most families use 2ULaundry every week which allows them to get their clothes on a predictable rotation of about 1-2 bags per week. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are some people who like to let their laundry pile up – meaning they only need one big order per month.

Some use it less as a replacement for their washing machine and more as a quick ‘get out of jail free card’ when things really start piling up. In that crowd, there is a big group of folks that only send their sheets and towels during their seasonal deep clean.

The point is delivery laundry is really a day-saver. Everyone can use some help lightening the load! But it isn’t a one size fits all service. Test it out a couple of times and see where you find your sweet spot. Wherever it is, we’ve got a spot for you.

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