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5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet – Organizing a clothing closet can feel so overwhelming that many people never muster the courage to take the first step. While it can feel daunting to step into a small space filled with so much stuff with the goal of wrangling it all into its proper place, having a neat and organized closet is something that will make a seriously positive impact on your day to day life.

From helping keep your bedroom clean to making it easier to find what you need while you’re getting ready in the morning, the benefits of an organized closet are endless.

While the process for getting your closet organized is pretty simple (empty it, sort it, make a place for everything and then put it all away) there are some tips and tricks that can make getting the organized closet of your dreams easier than you ever imagined.

Check out the tips and tricks below to help you in organizing your closet!

1. Make time for a fashion show

An essential part of organizing a closet is clearing it out to ensure you only make space for the things you really want, need and wear. Instead of guessing as to whether an item really fits and flatters you as you are, make time for an at-home fashion show so you can get a peak (and a feel) for every item in your closet.

As a good rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it this season you should at least put it on to make sure it still works before deciding that it belongs in the ‘keep’ pile.

2. Get creative with bulky clothing

Sometimes our favorite, coziest items are also the toughest to store. While hanging shoe organizers are great for shoes and other accessories, they can also serve as an excellent place to store rolled sweaters and other bulky items that might stretch or pull if hung on a traditional hanger.

3. Use clothing dividers!

Hanging clothing dividers are a great way to help keep you accountable as you strive to keep your closet as organized as it was on day one. Some people choose to divide their clothing by type while others prefer seasonal or setting specific dividers. Whatever you choose just be sure to stick to it!

5. Make a seasonal plan

Most people have winter clothing and summer clothing along with a few pieces that they tend to wear year-round. While it can feel like a heavy lift to organize your closet more than once per year, making a quick switch to where your items are stored as the seasons shift will ensure your space is as accessible and usable as possible.

Whether you simply shift around your dividers and move seasonal items to the front of your closet or you totally move out-of-season items to another location, having a closet that reflects the season will help you feel organized and ready for the day! 

While a disorganized closet is easy to hide behind closed doors, it’s impact on your day to day life is hard to ignore. This season, take the plunge and dig into creating an organized, usable space that you’ll love!