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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Vinegar in Your Laundry Routine

There are some things that every laundry room should have: detergent, spot treatment, dryer balls, and… white vinegar. While it might seem odd to bring a type of vinegar into the mix, it turns out there are lots of good reasons to incorporate vinegar in laundry. Check out the list below for five reasons you should be using distilled white vinegar in laundry routine.

Vinegar in Laundry

Find The 5 Major Reasons for Using Vinegar in Laundry

1) It brightens your whites!

Nothing is worse than watching your favorite white t-shirt turn dingy and grey after a few wears. With a little bit of distilled white vinegar though, your whites will stay white over the years. Simply apply a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar and add a small amount to the softener compartment of your washer before you start your load.

2) … And keeps your darks dark.

Dark-colored clothing can often hang onto residue from soaps and detergents that leave them looking lighter and duller than when they went into the washing machine. Vinegar will erase this residue from your fabrics, leaving them dark or darker than before they were washed.

3) It naturally softens your fabrics.

While some people don’t mind artificial softeners, others prefer to keep things a little more natural in the laundry room. If you’re in the natural camp, you’ll want to consider adding vinegar to the wash as it naturally softens fabrics. If you prefer a scentless softener, simply add vinegar during the rinse portion of the cycle. If you would prefer a light scent, consider adding a couple of drops of an essential (lemon and eucalyptus are our favorites!) to the vinegar bottle.

4) It gets rid of mildew and odors.

Nothing kills odors like vinegar. If your clothes have a habit of coming out of the wash smelling of mildew, vinegar is your best bet for kicking the offending odors to the curb. To make sure the small is banished, fill the washer with hot water and two cups of vinegar and run a cycle before you run a second cycle featuring your regular detergent.

4) And it keeps your washer fresh!

You can’t expect your clothes to be cleaned properly if you wash them in a dirty machine. Keep your machine fresh and free of residue and soap scum by running a load with hot water and two cups of distilled white vinegar every couple of months.

While you might be used to using vinegar to cook or to clean around the house and banish offensive odors, adding vinegar in laundry comes pretty handy as well. Keep a bottle of vinegar handy in the laundry room and you’ll be taking your laundry game to the next level!