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5 Dry Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

While most clothing can be washed and dried at home, there are some items that you’ll always want to have dry cleaned. Luxury fabrics, from the heavyweights like leather and the lightweights like silk, should always be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning might seem like a simple (and with 2ULaundry, it couldn’t be any simpler!) process, but it’s a delicate practice that you’ll want to ensure you get just right. If you’ve got a dry-clean-only item, follow the dos and don’ts below to ensure that it stays fresh and clean before, during, and after you take it to the cleaners.

Dry Cleaning

Dos and Don’ts for Dry Cleaning

✅ DO: Research your cleaner before you go.

While it might seem like dry cleaning is a pretty straightforward process, you don’t want to risk anything (or anybody) damaging your items. Any regular dry-cleaning customer knows this well, sh*t happens so make sure to do a wee bit of homework by reading reviews and do a little research before you select a dry-cleaning establishment

❌ DON’T: Leave your clothes in the plastic wrap indefinitely.

Leaving your clothes in plastic wrap might seem like a safe thing to do, but doing so puts your items at risk of mildew buildup and eliminates your clothes’ ability to air out. Remove your items from the plastic wrap promptly and then hang them in an area with great ventilation so they can air out before going back into your closet.

✅ DO: Take note of any special care instructions before you go.

While we all want to assume that the person dry cleaning our clothing will read the care label, reading it yourself in advance and sharing any special care instructions can help ensure your clothing comes back in top-notch shape.

❌ DON’T: Hang the clean clothes in your closet right away.

While it might be annoying to deal with having plastic wrap in your closet, it’s important not to hang your recently dry-cleaned items up in your closet right away. Dry cleaning is a very safe but chemical-filled process and if you hang your clothes in your closet right away, you’ll be exposing the rest of your clothes to those chemicals.

✅ DO: Keep track of your ticket!

While it might seem like no big deal to misplace your dry cleaning ticket, it can cause a major hassle for those who work at the dry cleaning shop as they try to locate your item without a ticket. There’s no perfect system in place to make sure items go home with their rightful owner, so safely store your dry cleaning ticket so that it’s accessible for pick-up day!

Not sure if you’re down to keep up with all of the dry cleaning rules? No worries. With 2ULaundry, you’ll never have to worry about all the dos and don’ts of dry cleaning. Our expert team of Clothing Care Associates makes sure to check every label before it’s cleaned to your (or its) preferences.