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4 Ways To Using a Laundry Service Can Maximize Working From Home

Working from home has many amazing benefits. However, many people who work from home find themselves working more than they would in the office as they become consumed by their workload. And while this can be great in terms of work productivity, it’s not always the best for your work-life balance. Fortunately, there are many ways to maximize your work from home routine and rebalance.

It’s simple: start using a laundry service!

Here are some simple ways that you can maximize your WFH situation by using a laundry service, making the most out of your time, space, and work:

1. Create a Workable Environment

Create a space that acts solely as your workspace to establish an effective work at home environment. This space should emulate what you would have at work: sufficient supplies, a comfortable chair, a desk, and whatever else you may use as a part of your individual job.

This probably shouldn’t be your bed or your couch! And, you wouldn’t have a basket full of clean laundry looking at you waiting to be folded at your office, right? Then why tempt distraction by having it at your home office?

In setting up your WFH office, be sure that this space is clean and organized. If you’re struggling to get clean and organized, try using a laundry service to help get the ball rolling. All of your linens, laundry, and WFH outfits will be returned in organized and easy-to-put-away bundles – leaving your WFH office clear of distractions.

2. Treat Each Day as a Regular Work Day

This can mean many things, but it’s important that you treat each workday as you would if you were going into the office. Dress in work clothes, take a shower in the morning, and clock in and out on time. It’s easy to simply roll out of bed without completing these daily rituals, but if you make a habit of maintaining these aspects of your regular work routine, you will be much more successful in creating efficiency for yourself.

But, in a normal workday you used to not have so many chores. How is this possible?

It’s also important to understand that because you are living and working in the same space, chores will pile up. You’re using double the dishes, there’s twice as much foot traffic on the freshly-cleaned floors, and you’re using more laundry. It’s ok to let these yet-to-be-completed chores pile up. And, it’s definitely ok to ask for help when they do!

Did the dishes pile up to the point of desparation? Have a laundry pile the size of a small mountain range? It’s ok to call a professional for help. Getting help from a housekeeper or using a laundry service can be a great step in the right direction!

3. Maximize Your Work Day by Keeping a Schedule

It’s important to maintain a work and personal life schedule that will allow you to keep track of everything that you must do each day. Your schedule may include work meetings, drop-offs, social events, and work events. And you can maximize this scheduling by completing weekly tasks at the same time each week in order to make them a part of your regular routine.

But schedules aren’t just for work and play. Keeping a schedule of your chores can prevent them from building up and it can also prevent the anxiety that comes from not knowing when you’re going to get around to them.

Luckily, using a laundry service allows you to get on repeating and recurring schedules that fit perfectly into your schedule. While some people prefer weekend laundry services, others prefer to get them done on a work day. If you’re interested in using a laundry serivce, work with the company to find a schedule that works well for you!

4. Get Help with Chores to Make Your Life Easier

Affordable external services can help save you time in your daily routine and serve as a worthwhile expense. For example, using a laundry service will allow you to simply gather your laundry together in a bag then put it away, already folded, upon delivery. This service saves you an immense amount of time which you can instead enjoy with your family and friends. Using a laundry service is a worthwhile investment for those who value their free time when working from home.

Other services that can help with your WFH routine are grocery delivery services, house cleaning services, and virtual assistant services.

Maximize Your Free Time by Using a Laundry Service

Even if you’re working from home, there are so many benefits to using a laundry service to help keep your WFH office clean, keep your to-do list in check, and make sure your work-life balance isn’t being taken over by household chores. Instead of spending your personal time doing piles and piles of laundry, using a laundry service makes doing laundry a no-hassle task.

While using a laundry service is available at local laundromats, 2ULanudry goes the extra mile with our convenient pick-up and delivery offerings. Find out about our full-service laundry services and schedule your first pick-up!

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