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4 Tips For Organizing Your Kids’ Rooms

Tips For Organizing Your Kids’ Rooms – If you have kids, you know how quickly a room can go from sparkling clean to total disaster area. Whether it’s the playroom, the living room or their own bedroom, kids have a way of making big messes out of even just a few toys.

Organizing Your Kids Rooms

How can you Organize Your Kids’ Rooms?

If you’re looking for ways to help your kids successfully maintain organization in their rooms, check out the tips below!

1. Install open shelves

If you want to keep toys and games off the floor, you’re going to need an easy spot for kids to store their favorite things.

Open shelves let kids display the items they love the most (like all those assembled Lego sets) while also providing them easy access for when they’d like to get them down to play with.

2. Utilize the space under the bed

Instead of letting under the bed become a wild mess of dirty laundry and lost toys, consider investing in some storage options for under the bed.

If you’re upgrading your child’s room, look for a bed that has attached drawers underneath where sheets, blankets and extra pillows can be stored.

If your child’s bed does not have built in storage, consider investing in some rolling bins that can be filled and tucked neatly out of sight.

3. Incorporate boxes, baskets and bins

While wooden toy boxes might not be as popular as they once were, the idea that kids need somewhere they can easily toss their playthings has remained.

Go shopping with your child and let them choose a set of coordinating boxes, baskets or bins that can be used to store toys, stuffed animals, dress up clothes or books.

‍4. Keep it simple

Pinterest parents can no doubt find beautiful images of kids rooms in which toys are organized by type and color, books are shelved according to title and spotless art corners seem to invite creativity but, in reality, kids organization needs to be pretty simple in order to be long-lasting.

Help your child create easy categories such as “books,” “dress up clothes” and “blocks” and then assign them to a specific bin or spot in the room.

If you’re moving and want to keep it simple while unpacking and organizing your kids rooms, check out this comprehensive guide.

Kids love having their own space and taking care of their own books and toys. As a parent, you can empower them to keep their room neat and organized independently by providing shelves, storage and a little direction on how to keep the clutter at bay!