Laundry and dry cleaning are off your to-do list.

Giving you more time for what matters most.


FREE Pickup & Delivery

Whichever laundry or dry
cleaning services you choose
to take off your to-do list, we’ll
pick it up and drop it off at
your desired location at no
extra charge.


Customizable preferences

We’re as particular as you are
when it comes to your
laundry & dry cleaning. So we
encourage you to customize
to your heart’s desire so that
it’s perfect.


1-business day turnaround

No matter how much laundry &
dry cleaning you give us, or
what your preferences are, you
get it back in 1-business day
fresh and clean. Every time.


Satisfaction guaranteed

We pride ourselves on the
quality of laundry & dry
cleaning services we provide.
Our goal is perfection each
and every time. If you’re not
happy, we’re not happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what your neighbors are saying

Bernadette M..

Family of 3

The guys at 2ULaundry are the best! They take care all of my dry cleaning and pick up weekly from me. If there's every any issues, they take care of it QUICK. Always responsive and always friendly and I don't even have to leave the house! I appreciate everything they do!

Family of 2

Waiting on our washer and dryer special order left us with loads of dirty laundry during our move. 2ULaundry was a godsend and did a great job. Our clothes came back fresh and clean and neatly folded. Would definitely use their services again.

Alex C..

Busy single

Truly exceptional service. Everything is well organized, efficient, convenient pick-up/delivery, email/text notifications/receipts, online account. Pricing is fully transparent and competitive. It is like Netflix for dry cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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