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Commercial Laundry Service in Philadelphia, PA

Manage your business. We’ll manage the laundry.

2ULaundry is a trusted Commercial Laundry Service in Philadelphia, PA. From boutique, local businesses to national franchises, we work with commercial customers of all industries and all sizes. Perfect for Airbnbs, Spas, Event Venues, and Gyms.

Commercial, Business, and Short-Term Rental Laundry Service

Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service + Free Delivery

Running your business is hard enough without worrying about laundry.

But, we’re not just a laundry app.

2ULaundry is a fully insured small business laundry partner. We hire full-time, W2 laundry specialists – no gig workers or Uber drivers. We operate out of our network of absolutely beautiful laundromats. We’re perfect partners for Airbnbs, hotels, spas, gyms, & medical professionals in need of a commercial laundry solution.

Thanks to the feedback of our other commercial clients, we now offer a variety of scheduling, pricing, financing, and packaging options that you’ve come to expect from your vendors.

Request a call with a commercial laundry specialists to discuss lowering your laundry headaches and improving your bottom line.

A Customized Commercial Laundry Experience

Your laundry and linens is an important part of your business. And, switching laundry partners is a big step. We trust you’ll want it to be perfect. Here’s how we can help.

Discounted Commercial Pricing

Different businesses have different commercial laundry needs. We offer per bag and per pound options for pricing – custom quoted to your needs.

Multi-Location Management

One location – easy. However, managing laundry at multiple locations can be tough. Our multi-account option make it all one click away.

Custom Packaging Options

Unpacking and storing your laundry needs to be simple. Our custom packaging options help you get it put away – quickly and confidently.

Flexible Scheduling & Integrations

We offer recurring scheduling options along with software integrations to your booking software. Or, if easier, simply log in and schedule a service.

Invoicing & Financing Options

Most account simply pay with a card on file. For those higher volume qualifying accounts, we offer monthly invoicing is available with payment terms.

Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service

We make laundry day easy! We offer free delivery in Philadelphia, PA.

Airbnb Laundry Service

Here are some helpful guides for mastering the art of laundry & linen management with an Airbnb laundry service.

Massage & Spa Laundry Service

We help Med Spas, Day Spas, and Massage Therapists provide high quality laundry to their clients during their services.

Healthcare Laundry Service

Whether it is towels, scrubs, or bedding, it’s quite common for light medical and therapy clinics to need help with laundry.

Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service | 2ULaundry | Commercial Laundry Service in Philadelphia, PA
Top Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service Routes
  • Bella Vista

  • Chestnut Hill

  • Fitler Square

  • Manayunk

  • Northern Liberties

  • Roxborough

Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service

We clean your laundry through our laundromat brand, LaundroLab – which is locally owned an operated. We build beautiful modern laundromats locally in Philadelphia, PA.

Our drivers and laundry staff are professional, full-time W2 employees. No contractors, no gig-workers, no unlivable wages, and no confusion about who is actually doing your laundry.

We’re a Philadelphia commercial laundry service you can trust!

Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service | 2ULaundry | Commercial Laundry Service in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA LaundroLabs

Work with a Laundry Account Manager

Sometimes a laundry emergency is a real emergency. All commercial laundry account are paired with a dedicated account manager so you’ll never spend time chatting with a bot.

We operate our production facilities through our laundromat brand, LaundroLab. Our drivers and laundry staff are professional, full-time W2 employees. No contractors, no gig-workers, no unlivable wages, and no confusion about who is actually doing your laundry.

We’re a laundry service you can trust!

Philadelphia Commercial Laundry Service FAQ

We have a unique niche. We offer service out of our laundromats. And, we’re really good at doing laundry. Take a minute to understand our service options to see how you we can best partner with your business.

2ULaundry Satisfaction Guarantee | Reliable Laundry Delivery Service | 2ULaundry Laundry App
How much does laundry service cost?

Most businesses opt for custom quoted recurring laundry programs. Oftentimes, these are quoted on a per pound basis – like a traditional laundry service. These programs handle your scheduling and pricing on an individual account level.

Everybody has different commercial laundry needs. It’s not a one size fits all solution. So, we don’t treat it like one.

Here is more about our commercial laundry prices.

What is Pilot Pricing?

Laundry is important! It’s the sheets that your rental guests sleep on. It’s the table linens that your clients lay on. It’s the spa towels used during your client’s wellness sessions.

And, switching laundry partners is a big step.

To help ease your concerns that the partnership is worthy of the switch, we offer a one week Pilot Price. Your first calendar week of laundry is priced at a discounted Pilot Price. It allows us time to earn your trust and it gives you a commitment-free way to compare quality, service, and cost against your current vendor, your current process, or your current time spent washing your own linens.

What should you expect from your first order?

We think it’s important that you understand how we work so you can understand how to best work with us. Laundry service is a powerful tool in your business owner’s toolbelt.

We also think it’s important that you know we’re a laundromat company at heart. We build beautiful, modern laundromats through our sister-brand, LaundroLab. That means our commercial laundry process is catered toward our laundromat processing operations. We offer the ability to customize our service options, however there are some limits to our facilities capabilities.

Take a moment to learn about our laundry process so we can find a way to help you with your laundry process.

How quickly is the clean laundry delivered?

Laundry can be delivered next-day – though we have multi-day scheduling available for those who require extended turnaround times.

As a base offering, we offer a-la-carte or recurring scheduling. However, most businesses need more than basic scheduling functionality. As part of your Onboarding Process, your Account Manager will talk you through all available bookend scheduling, multi-day turnarounds, or preferred delivery times.

What makes a good commercial laundry service?

It’s important to know who is doing your laundry. It’s important they know how you like your laundry done. And, it’s important that it contributes positively to running your business.

While you might not care who is delivering your pizza, you should care who is doing your laundry. With the rise of middle-man apps that pair you with the closest or cheapest service provider, you have no idea who is picking up, cleaning, and delivering your clothes. And, this likely changes order-to-order – sometimes even being sent to individuals to wash at their home instead of a professional company operating in a professional laundry facility.

At 2ULaundry, we’re real people doing real laundry – really well. We’re a laundry company alongside our sister brand, LaundroLab.

We’re a laundry service you can trust because we really care about laundry. Read more about our facilities here.

Five reasons you should have a laundry service partner as a safety net!

You only use a plumber when there’s a water leak. You only call the AC company when the air conditioner breaks. Having a professional laundry service account in place comes in handy! Here are some of the top reasons we find our clients use us in a jam.

Just because you don’t need help most of the time doesn’t mean it isn’t great to have a specialist on hand when things start piling up…

Consider us a ‘get out of jail free card’ when your business needs help.

Do you offer linen rental?

We do not offer linen rental. We offer commercial laundry service for Client Owned Goods (COG). While we do not offer rental, we can put you in touch with our preferred suppliers of laundry and linen manufacturers. However, we’ll let you handle it from there.

We’re here to help make sure your laundry fits into your business.

As part of onboarding, we’ll ask you to complete a thorough Onboarding Questionnaire.

This form asks all the basic questions including contact & delivery info, but it also asks the more involved questions that inevitably arise from our laundry team and delivery drivers. Laundry is complicated. And, it’s personal.

By asking these questions upfront, we avoid any hiccups and provide the smoothest possible service from the beginning. These questions include:

  • Basic description of your laundry/linen inventory
  • Where do you purchase your linens?
  • When we sort your linens and package it for delivery, how do you want your linens organized?

We also ask for photos and/or videos of:

  • How do you store your laundry once you unpack it?
  • How do we access the laundry pickup/dropoff location from the front door?

Commercial Laundry Service | 2ULaundry Delivery | Delivery Laundry Service
2ULaundry Delivery Laundry Service | Commercial Laundry Service | Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning Service

This combination of questions helps us answer exactly how to package your laundry for delivery. You simply open our bags and place on the shelf.  It makes sure we aren’t walking in the wrong door or leaving the laundry somewhere inconvenient. We want pickup, delivery, and everything in between to be smooth, consistent, and hassle-free for you.

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Commercial Laundry Service in Philadelphia, PA

From boutique, local businesses to national franchises, we work with commercial customers of all industries and all sizes.