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Fill up and set out your laundry and dry
cleaning bags on the pickup date and
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Meet the bags.


Those days of making trips to the dry
cleaners are over. Use the black bag for
clothes requiring professional dry cleaning
or launder & press. We’ll clean according to
the care label. Popular items include dress
shirts, blouses, suits, sweaters, and dresses.


Our blue bag just might put your washer &
dryer out of a job. All clothes or household
items to wash, dry, and fold go in here.
Popular items include your everyday
clothing, comforters, sheets, and towels.


Trust our pink bag with your most delicate
clothes. Clothing to wash and hung up to
dry go in here. Popular items include
undergarments, workout gear, swimsuits,
and items vulnerable to shrinking.

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returned in 1 business day.

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Repairs &

Priced per item

Prices may vary based on complexity of the repair. Repairs and
alterations may take up to 3-5 business days.

Please use the black bag for repair items and notify the 2ULaundry
Customer Care Team prior to pickup.

  • Button Repairreplacing broken and missing buttons
  • Simple Tearminor repair work and sewing
  • Hemsaltering the length of pants, skirts, and other garments
  • Zipper Repairreplacing zippers on garments
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