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Set up personalized cleaning preferences, schedule convenient pickups, invite friends, and update contact information easily through your online account.


Fill your Garment Bags

Receive your 2ULaundry garment bags before your first pickup. Choose from two sizes – small bags which hold up to 3 loads and large bags which hold up to 6.


Start enjoying Laundry Day

Give yourself a break while we custom sort, wash, and fold your order then deliver it back to your doorstep the very next business day.

2ULaundry Members

Personalized Clothing Care

With 2ULaundry’s custom cleaning process, you can set preferences for garments that need extra TLC, select unlimited hang-dry items, and have laundry sorted and folded by family member.

Eco-Friendly Products

We provide both standard detergent and all-natural hypoallergenic options to best suit your cleaning preferences. We offer a completely customizable experience!

Referral Program

Interested in sharing free laundry with friends? Simply send invites to your friends and family through your online account.

Our Process

Easy Scheduling

Schedule pickups online or with a simple text. Your 2UDriver will deliver your garment bags and send you a reminder text the night before your first pickup.

2ULaundry Garment Bags

During sign up, choose between a Small (2-3 loads) or Large (4-6 loads) wash & fold garment bag and a dry cleaning garment bag. Every 2ULaundry member will also be able to select a wash & hang dry bag for delicate items.

Doorstep Delivery

Place 2ULaundry bags outside your door before 8am on your scheduled pickup day. Your laundry and dry cleaning will be picked up, cleaned, and delivered back home safe and sound within one business day.

Our Customer Promise

Complete Customer Care

Questions about your pickup? Have clothes that need separate care? Unhappy with your experience? Let us know. Our unwavering commitment to our customers means we’ll go that extra step every time.

Exceptional Quality Control

We own our own laundry and dry cleaning facilities to give your clothing the highest quality of care. Each garment is inspected before and after cleaning to guarantee it’s return in the best condition.

More Time, delivered.

We’re all about saving you time and making life a little bit easier. Spend more time doing the things you wish you had more time to do. We'll handle the dirty work.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Once you've created an account and scheduled your first 2ULaundry pickup, your 2UDriver will drop off a welcome package the next business day. You'll receive your 2ULaundry garment bags, a welcome card, and information about your brand-new membership. 
  • Never! We’re all about making your life easier. Load dirty clothes into your respective bag(s), make sure the bag closes completely, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once your order reaches our cleaning facilities, we’ll sort, wash, and fold according to your preferences.
  • Your 2UDriver is on the road doing pickups every weekday from 8am – 12:30pm. Deliveries occur the next business day from 3pm – 7pm. We’ll always send you a text letting you know exactly when your order is picked up and delivered.

    Need to make a change to an existing 2ULaundry order? No problem. Simply shoot us a text with any special instructions before 8am on the morning of your pickup and we’ll let your 2UDriver know.
  • For delicate items like undergarments, silk and lace we provide complimentary personalized care. Just explain how you'd like items to be cared for when scheduling your pickup and place delicate items in the 2ULaundry PINK bag. 

    Remember to put your PINK bag inside the regular wash and fold BLUE bag - otherwise you’ll be charged a small fee. And we don't want that.
  • One of the perks of your 2ULaundry membership is being able to personalize everything about your order, including hang dry. Just use that same PINK bag for these items.

    Not sure which items need a little TLC? Call or text one of our helpful laundry pro's at (704) 766-8730. We'll ask you a few questions about the item and provide recommendations on how to keep it in the best shape.  
  • We believe in getting the biggest bang for your buck. That’s why our Small garment bag holds 2-3 full loads of laundry and our Large garment bags hold 4-6 loads.
  • We manage our own state of the art cleaning facilities to give your clothing the utmost care. Each item is inspected before cleaning to make sure there are no hidden stains, rips, or tears. Our laundry experts then wash and dry to your specifications. Finally, items are thoroughly checked again after the drying process to make sure no damage, shrinking, or other scary stuff has happened to your clothes.
  • 2ULaundry was founded with two simple ideas – to give our customers more time to live their lives and to create an exceptional customer experience. In addition to providing the highest quality of custom clothing care, we want to be there for you every step of the way. 

    Questions about your order? Send us an email. Have items that needs special care? Shoot us a text. Need someone to complain to about folding fitted sheets? Just give us a call.
  • Scheduling a 2ULaundry pickup is super easy. Create an account in less than a minute by giving us your contact and billing information. Then, select a weekday and time to schedule your first pickup and we’ll take care of the rest. 

    You can also schedule a pickup by text! Simply save the 2ULaundry number in your phone, text "pickup + date", and you'll receive a text back confirming your pickup! 

    We understand laundry emergencies happen. If you need a last-minute wash or dry clean, call or text us at (704) 766-8730 before 8am on the pickup day. We'll schedule your order and have it returned within one business day.

  • Clothes are important and we want to treat every item like our own. That's why we offer complete personalization for every order. We offer both standard and eco-friendly, hypoallergenic detergents, sorting and washing by family member, and custom care for special or delicate items.