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We asked our customers "Why are you a 2ULaundry member?" Here is what they said.

Best service in the world. If you work a lot and have trouble finding time to get laundry done this is what you need in your life. Very quick and everything is cleaned perfectly. You NEED 2ULaundry in your life.

The key with these guys is communication and accountability. I've moved a lot and had to try new dry cleaners frequently along the way. Sadly, this also meant I've had many bad experiences of clothing getting ruined with no recourse due to lack of customer service and communication. 2ULaundry is the exact opposite! Have a question, comment or concern? Text them for a near immediate response! Seriously a great experience so far. You have to give them a try!

Cheaper than the cleaners around the corner and they come to you. The results are just as good and the scheduling process is super intuitive. A text reminder as well as a text with pickup and delivery. Great customer service with any questions as well. Highly recommend if you are short on time.

I am so glad that I stumbled across 2ULanundry! It really has been such an amazing experience. I have used several other services similar to them in town i.e.Tide but 2ULanundry is the far better choice. They are way more flexible with their delivery days and the pricing (especially the dry cleaning) cannot be beat. I especially love that they have a special bag for items that you want air dried. I tell everyone I know about this service. I have friends and family all over the southeast that wish they had something like this available!

My husband and I have been so happy with 2U! The convenience of them picking it up AND dropping it off next day is amazing. The quality of their cleaning is just as good, if not better than any of the other options around town. However, what really stands out is their low pricing. Couldn't be more satisfied, we are completely hooked as customers.

I'm in my twenties and I'm a working professional. Use it all the time for getting dry cleaning done. It's cheaper than taking it to the cleaners and it saves me time since I don't have to drive there and then drive back to pick it up. Fast turnaround, awesome customer service, and impeccable job cleaning.

This service is a lifesaver and so professionally done. I have never experienced a laundry service that is so well thought out and so customer service oriented. They treat you like you are the number one customer-and I truly believe that's how they feel about each one of their clients. My clothes come back looking great, well organized, and I love that I can do regular wash, delicate/hang dry, and dry cleaning! I'm no longer doing laundry while also making stops throughout town during the week! Thank you, 2U!

The service and the prices are great. It not only saves me time and money, but they do an excellent job on my clothes.vThanks guys!

I used to have to wait nearly 3 days to pick up my dry cleaning before - not to mention I had to drive it there and back myself! This is sooooooo convenient, all of my clothes come back perfectly, and nearly 1/2 the price I was paying before!

2ULaundry is such an outstanding service! I am busy young professional who simply doesn't have the time with my schedule to fit laundry into it. 2ULaundry has a very quick turn around, easy website and are very accommodating to my needs. I recommend this service to anyone.

They are awesome, affordable and have saved me a ton of time! Love 2U!

Such a great service! I hate doing laundry and it takes me forever to do it, so I really feel like I can now rest & recharge at night instead of doing work I hate (which really never gets done). I am up at 5:30am, have elementary kids, put in a full day of work (and then some!), kids, after school stuff, homework, dinner and kids in bed at 8:30, the last thing in the world I want to do at 8:30pm is laundry when I still have to clean up dinner, make lunches and catch up on work that came in after 5:30pm!!!) Sigh. I am so incredibly grateful for this service. Laundry comes back washed and folded so neatly. It takes me 20 minutes to sort it out and hand it off to who owns it. It's worth every penny and very reasonable in my opinion. I love the text notifications. Definitely a winner service in Charlotte. Thank you, smart people, for taking that stress off of me - you have no idea how grateful I am to you!

I absolutely LOVE 2ULaundry. They are the best dry cleaning and laundry service in the city. They make it super easy so you never have to worry about taking stuff to the dry cleaner or turning on your washer and dryer. Their customer support is on point too. A huge time saver and I definitely recommend - 2ulaundry.com

This service is absolutely fantastic! They have options for hang dry, dry cleaning or standard wash/dry/fold. Colors are separated, you have detergent & other options for laundry care through an easy online profile, and pricing is very affordable!

The guys at 2ULaundry are the best! They take care all of my dry cleaning and pick up weekly from me. If there's every any issues, they take care of it QUICK. Always responsive and always friendly and I don't even have to leave the house! I appreciate everything they do!

These guys are so great! What a great service! So glad that what I had in Los Angeles is now here in Charlotte area. I love having them come every week and pick up my family of five's clothes and dry cleaning and bring it back 24 hours later all folded and ready to be put away. What a timesaver for my family. Could not live without them.

Very convenient and professional. Communication is top notch. Highly recommended for busy people, or folks that don't have washer and dryer.

2ULaundry is extremely convenient. The turnaround time is amazing and pricing is very affordable. They text you when they have picked up and dropped off your dry cleaning or laundry and also send you a reminder the night before your scheduled date.

I have used 2ULaundry since we moved to Dilworth. They pick up on time and deliver the next day. Prices are great and everyone I deal with is very friendly and helpful.

These guys are awesome! Saves me so much time. Pricing is fair, quality is top notch, service is excellent.

Got to try this service out for free through EatWorkPlay Charlotte and I love it! Customer service is very prompt when answering questions (shoutout to Charlie for being so patient with me because I had a lot of questions day one!) They let you know what's going on every in every step of the process through text notifications so you always know where your laundry is. Most general questions you have can be answered through the FAQ section on their website: pickup/drop off times, cleaning preferences, etc. They provide the bags for your laundry to go in & return everything nicely washed & folded in the same bag, they couldn't make it any easier! Definitely plan to be a regular customer!

Amazing service!!! I needed a last minute dress cleaned for a weekend trip. They picked it up on Thursday at my door and dropped it off on Friday! They provided fantastic comminication and care towards my last minute and unplanned request. I HIGHLY reccomend using them for your daily and emergency cleaning!!! BEST in CHARLOTTE!!! Thank you! : )

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with 2ULaundry. I've been using them for my dry cleaning for several months and really enjoy the service. The quality is great and the free delivery and 1-day turnaround is an absolute game changer. Not to mention the customer service is top-notch, which is definitely not something you think of when it comes to traditional dry cleaners...Highly recommend to anybody looking for a dry cleaning / laundry services in CLT. Keep it up guys!

I've been a customer at 2ULaundry for a few months now and have been very pleased with the quality of service. The prices are very fair (comparable with typical mid-tier to high-end cleaner) BUT that price includes pick-up and delivery. I highly recommend 2ULaundry! Keep up the good work guys.

2ULaundry is awesome - I use 2ULaundry for dry cleaning and have been very pleased with the results. The sign up process is convenient, and I quickly received a welcome email and welcome package. The clothing is picked up and dropped off at the expected times, and I feel comfortable using the service for my nicer/fancier clothing. It's worth the premium pricing for the high-quality service and the time saved. Highly, highly recommend 2ULaundry if you're looking for professional company that can take a task off your list by managing your laundry and/or dry cleaning!

Amazing experience! I used 2ULaundry for dry cleaning that I had piling up over the past few weeks and didn't have time to take in to my local dry cleaning store. Signing up was a breeze, I selected the day I would like to have my clothes picked up and entered pick up information and a credit card number. After I signed up, 2ULaundry sent me a "Welcome Package" within 24 hours that included my laundry and dry cleaning drop off bag and a pastry from Local Loaf. The welcome package also included a note card welcoming me to the 2ULaundry family and explaining the process to me. The next morning, as I left for work, I left my bag of dry cleaning on my front stoop. There is also an option to include special pick up and delivery options to better accommodate my schedule. They came between 8-10AM to pick up my clothes. My pick up day was Tuesday and when I came home from work on Thursday night, my clothes were hanging in their bag on my front porch. To top it off, the quality of the work was fantastic! The clothes smelled lemon-y fresh (I didn't know this was even an option for dry cleaning), the shirts were pressed perfectly, and (best of all) it required no effort on my part. It was a great experience that I can't say enough great things about. Best of all, it's a young company, so they are able to adapt and pivot with feedback to continue to deliver a great product.

2ULaundry has changed my life! A mom of 3, I just couldn't keep up. Only by chance did I find them. Thinking it was a one time "catch me up". But after the 1st try I was hooked. My laundry came back fold, clean and ready to be put away in just 24 hours!. It was a game changer. I feel like I save money and time using 2U. Now I only spend 30 mins a week putting away clothes. No body in my house says "I don't have a clean shirt for school" or "Honey did you do white laundry today? I need a clean shirt for work tomorrow.

Flex 5 highly recommends 2ULaundry! Their approach to delivering an awesome customer experience every time is top notch! In addition to being so willing to go the extra mile with their customer service, they also have great rates which enabled us to cut our expenses for laundry significantly. We can't emphasize enough how easy they made it for us to implement their services as well. Thanks to 2ULaundry we have not only simplified our processes here at our fitness/wellness center but have also managed to save money, and time (both personally and professionally) which is very rare to find these days! Thank you 2ULaundry!

Truly exceptional service. Everything is well organized, efficient, convenient pick-up/delivery, email/text notifications/receipts, online account. Pricing is fully transparent and competitive. It is like Netflix for dry cleaning.

I love this service! Fast, efficient, and great communication throughout the entire process. I will be using monthly from now on!

Saving Money + Saving Time = Clean Clothes on my doorstep!!! 2uLaundry is one of the best DC services and the pricing is fair and up front....

Great service , professional staff, quick turnaround.

Got to try this service out for free through EatWorkPlay Charlotte and I love it! Customer service is very prompt when answering questions and they let you know what's going on every in every step of the process; they couldn't make it any easier! Definitely plan to be a regular customer!

Waiting on our washer and dryer special order left us with loads of dirty laundry during our move. 2ULaundry was a godsend and did a great job. Our clothes came back fresh and clean and neatly folded. Would definitely use their services again.

Excellent Quality as well as Service with 2ULaundry! Got to meet the whole team during a free trial event with my condominium! They are super personable and well respected as the faces of 2ULaundry! They give you your free time back by doing what we hate to do most, cleaning and folding! Your wash comes back smelling amazingly fresh and folded to perfection! An amazing service that will soon take off in the Charlotte Market! Can't wait to watch the team grow from the very beginning! Best of luck, you have 111% of my support! Kill it out there or shall I say Clean it out there!

Are you a SUPERMOM who can do it all? Spend quality time with your kids, get groceries, have the house clean, dinner on the table by 6, 1hr workout, doctor appointments, looking cute before husband gets home and finish the laundry to completion all with a smile!?? Well, I'm NOT, and I knew what was standing in my way. The 115 lbs of laundry I had to wash every week! I was climbing Mt. Everest everyday? I had a plan that lasted 6 months, but one slip and I was drowning. Last week, this company 2Ulaundry came up on a post. My first thought was guilt. I should be able to do it all! I'm a stay at home mom and I doubt it's in our budget. Well I called U2 Laundry to get prices!!! They have packages for everyone! Would you pay less than 20 dollars a week to have ALL of your laundry picked up, sorted, washed with hypoallergenic detergent, stains removed that I'd given up on, folded/hung if hangers provided, sorted by person and delivered within 24 hours? I just added 30 plus hours back into my life. I just might have a smile and look cute when Ben gets home ;) 2Ulaundry Thank You!!! It was beyond just a service!

My life is never going to be the same! With 6 kids, laundry is never ending - until this week. I filled two large 2ULaundry bags with my family's individual laundry bags and it all came back the next evening clean, SORTED BY FAMILY MEMBER, and ready to be put away by its individual wearers. Now I am looking forward to a laundry free weekend - bliss!

Simply the best in service, price, convenience, attentiveness!

I travel weekly. 2ULaundry takes care of my laundry so that is one less chore that I need to do while home. I recommend this service to all road warriors.

Great people and service. I used for shirt service. Great efficient and customer focused. Thank you.

Awesome service with great attention to detail. I highly recommend them!

Laundry and dry cleaning is off your to-do list.
Giving you more time for what matters most.