Setting Up Your Home Classroom

While school might look different across the country this fall, one thing each district has in common is that it won’t be operating quite like it has in years past.

Whether you’ll be home schooling full time, leading your child through virtual lessons part time or simply shepherding them through homework this school year, having an at-home classroom set up can help your child focus and feel successful.

The idea of setting up an at-home classroom might feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before, but, in reality there’s only a short list of things you need to set up a successful at home work space.

Check out the list of essentials below!

A desk or workspace

If you have an office or playroom that can accommodate a desk or work table, it can be helpful to clear out a corner of the room and designate it as a “school space.”

If you don’t though, your dining room table or kitchen counter will work just fine!

To make a desk or workspace workable you’ll simply need somewhere flat that your child can spread their materials out on- ideally somewhere that you can also pull up a chair to when you need to play a more hands-on role in your child’s assignments.

Comfortable seating

Along with a large, flat surface to work on, kids need a comfortable place to sit while they work. If you don’t already have a chair that your child likes and that will work with your workspace, consider letting your child pick a new one for the year to come.

A way to organize your materials

One  of the toughest parts of working or schooling at home can be staying organized. In order to help your child stay on track with their school work you’ll need to develop a system for organizing both their work and their materials.

When it comes to organizing their work, your method can be as simple as designating a binder or folder for each subject.

When it comes to materials, you can purchase a small desk organizer and stock it with paper, pencils, pens and other essentials or, if you’ll be using a more communal space for learning (like the dining room table or kitchen counter) and will need to be able to pick up and move your materials, you can put together a small, portable box of the same supplies that can move with your child.

Somewhere to spread out

In addition to having a formal space to work, it can also be helpful to designate another spot in your house for when your child will be working on more relaxed assignments such as reading or viewing online content. Consider creating a comfortable space in their room with a beanbag or butterfly chair or letting them spread out on the couch!

While you’re getting all this set up, don’t forget to relax yourself! Read our quick post on how you can do that today and going forward!

While school might look a little different this year, there’s a lot that parents can do to help their child have a successful academic year! By setting up a simple workspace for your child you’ll be preparing them for success with at home learning!

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