Raleigh-Durham Service Update

At 2ULaundry, we’re committed to providing a quality experience for all of our laundry & dry cleaning customers, unlocking more free time with each pickup. The team has been hyper-focused on pivoting to still provide the same level of service while navigating the updates around COVID-19. Due to the unique set of circumstances that we’re all attempting to navigate, our team took a moment to assess the overall future of 2U.

In January, the team rallied behind the launch of our third market, Raleigh! We have spent the last three months or so building out the team, getting our 2U vans on the road, and providing our customers with a best-in-class laundry & dry cleaning service.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have quite enough runway to sustain and then grow a new market during these uncertain times. And as a company, we have to be able to provide a quality experience to our customers, which has proven to be more complicated as customer behaviors have adjusted. At this time, we have decided to suspend all service in Raleigh, indefinitely.

2ULaundry will end service in Raleigh, effective Friday, March 27.

Our last pickups in Raleigh will be Thursday, March 26.

This is an extremely tough decision that wasn’t made lightly. We wanted to fully understand the impact on our team and the lives we’ve already changed before even considering the possibility of an exit.

“And we haven’t totally given up on Raleigh, it’s still an exciting market for us. As we all figure out our new normal, the team plans to revisit our return to the Triangle Area.” –Alex Smereczniak

As a startup, we were (naturally) excited about the growth and amped to get the chance to get our feet under us as we focused on expanding, changing the way folks take care of their clothing in an area as progressive as Raleigh. The full implications of COVID-19 are yet to be determined, but we plan to still be around for years to come. And our service suspension in Raleigh will help guarantee that for us.

“Who knows, we may be back soon! But we wanted to give ourselves a chance to provide the best service possible to all of our customers while ensuring we’re setting ourselves up for future success.” – Dan Daquisto

Thank you to all of those Raleigh customers that tried 2U since January. And those few customers who still have items in our possession have received additional communications about their delivery. Any outstanding gift card balances or bag bundles will be refunded for the total remaining value. If you have any questions along the way, our team is ready to support in any way we can. Reach out to us in our Mobile App, via SMS at 545-55, or email us at Care@2ULaundry.com.

We look forward to continuing to serve our Charlotte and Atlanta customers for years to come, as we all navigate these challenging times.

Alex & Dan, Co-Founders of 2ULaundry

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