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New 2U

Last Updated 8/30/21

We’ve been bursting at the seams with excitement to bring you the new 2U experience, and the wait is finally (almost) over! The new 2U will officially go live on Tuesday, September 7th. Yep, you heard that right! The new 2U is HERE NEXT WEEK!!!

As we transition from 2U to 2U 2.0, here are the top 10 things you’ll need to know:


Moving forward, 2U will offer two pricing options: Pay As You Go & Subscriptions.

The Pay As You Go pricing plan is the same as 2U’s current pricing model, so you’ll pay for laundry and dry cleaning services after each use. This plan is best for customers with infrequent cleaning needs and those that only intend to use our dry cleaning services.

Pay As You Go Services

  • Laundry Bag……………$45/bag
  • Hang Dry Bag………….$15/bag
  • Linen Bag………………..$30/bag
  • Dry Cleaning……………per piece


  • Rush Delivery  (1-Day)……….$5/order
  • Welcome Kit………………………$10
  • Order Minimum…………………$15
  • Failed Pickup……………………..$5

*All Pay As You Go services are subject to a 2 business day turnaround. Rush Delivery (1-day turnaround) is available for a $5 fee. Note that for Friday pickups, laundry is returned on Saturday and dry cleaning is returned on Monday.  

Dry Cleaning

Product Price
Apron $12.00
Blazer $7.25
Blouse $7.25
Coat $18.00
Dress $14.00
Dress (formal) $20.00
Hat $7.25
Jumpsuit $20.00
Lab coat $12.00
Jacket $11.00
Pants $7.25
Polo $6.75
Scarf $7.25
Shawl $14.00
Shirt (dry cleaned) $7.25
Shirt (laundered) $3.25
Shirts (dry cleaned, folded) $8.25
Shirts (laundered, folded) $4.25
Shorts $7.25
Skirt $7.25
Suit (2-piece) $14.50
Sweater $7.75
Tie $7.25
Vest $7.25
Household Items
Product Price
Bed skirt $20.00
Comforter $46.00
Curtain $32.00
Napkin $5.00
Pillowcase $7.50
Placemat $5.00
Sheets (each) $20.00
Table cover $25.00


We are finally launching our long-awaited subscription pricing plans: 2U Weekly & 2U Weekly+.

2U Weekly: Ready to make 2U part of your weekly routine? Choose the 2U Weekly plan, and we’ll stop by every week on the day of your choice (Monday – Friday). For $160/month, you will receive 4 Large Laundry Bag Credits, free Rush Delivery (1-day turnaround), and 15% off all additional services!

2U Weekly+: Ready to take laundry off your plate for good? Choose the 2U Weekly+ plan, and we’ll stop by every week on the day of your choice. For $240/month, you will receive 4 Laundry Bag Credits, 4 Linen Bag Credits, free Rush Delivery (1-day turnaround), and 20% off all additional services!

Our subscriptions have been designed to keep flexibility in mind, so subscription bag credits can be used at any point during the 4-week subscription period.

For example, if you send in 2 large laundry bags on the first week of service, you will have 2 bag credits available for the 3 remaining weeks. Plus, if you use additional services beyond the 4 bag credits, you will receive a discount on those services (15% off with 2U Weekly and 20% off with 2U Weekly+)! We also offer a rollover policy, which allows 1 Laundry Bag credit (or 1 Laundry Bag & 1 Linen Bag if enrolled in 2U Weekly+) credit to be rolled over to the next 4-week period if the subscription is renewed.

To enroll in 2U Weekly or 2U Weekly+, please contact our Customer Care Team with your preferred plan. If you have any questions, please check out our Pricing FAQs here or reach out to Customer Care. Our team is here for your support during this transition!


All existing customers will continue to receive a 1-day turnaround on services for the near future. Over the coming months, we will transition customers on the Pay As You Go plan to a 2-day turnaround. But, not to worry! All customers will still have access to Rush Delivery (1-Day Turnaround) for a small $5 fee.

2U Weekly & 2U Weekly+ customers will automatically receive 1-Day Turnaround for free with their subscription.

2U currently offers pickups Monday – Friday, with limited availability on some days for quality control. Note that for Friday pickups, Laundry is delivered on Saturdays (includes Laundry, Linens, and Hang Dry), and Dry Cleaning is delivered on Mondays.

4. New 2U App

We’ve given the 2U App a tune-up! Starting next week, download our mobile app to access exciting new features, including order tracking! Already have the app? Simply update to the latest version and log in with your existing account username and password.

The mobile app will be the best way to manage your account and receive support moving forward as we will no longer offer account management online.

5. 2U Laundry Bags

We want to ensure that there is no interruption to your service, so please continue to use any of your existing 2U Bags. This includes the Small Laundry Bag if you are a current small bag customer.

Note that we will be changing the bag tags, which will include less personal information. Our Drivers & Clothing Care Teams will use our new scanning technology to access the most up-to-date information while picking up, cleaning, and delivering your orders. During this transition, our Drivers will add new stickers to the bag tags during scheduled pickups. We ask that you please do not remove any new or existing tags or stickers that you see in the bag tag pockets.

Lastly, our brand new 2U Laundry Bags are in the works and will be ready for distribution in the coming months. We look forward to sharing the new bags with our community later this year 😀

6. Order Notifications

We have made a few changes to our order notifications, which we are planning to evolve once we go live. Once you download the new 2U App, you will be asked to enable push notifications. If you enable notifications all order reminders & notifications will be sent to you via push notification. If you do not accept push notifications,  you will receive order alerts via text message instead.

You will continue to receive an On The Way message, which has been updated to send when your Driver is 2 stops away. Once you receive this message, you will be able to see your Driver’s ETA in the order tracker on the home page of the app.

7. 2URewards

With the transition to the new 2U, we will no longer offer our 2URewards Program. We will be migrating your outstanding rewards points to our new system in the form of account credit. To see your available balance, check out the Profile Page in the new 2U App.

  • 250-499 points = $5 credit
  • 500-749 points = $10 credit
  • 750-1249 points = $25 credit
  • 1250-2499 points = $35 credit
  • 2500+ = 100 credit

8. Friday Pickups

We will be launching Friday pickups on September 10th, but with limited availability. Over the coming months, we will continue to grow our Friday operations in order to support additional volume.

As a reminder, for Friday pickups, Laundry is returned on Saturday and Dry Cleaning is returned on Monday. Once we migrate all Pay As You Go customers to 2-Day Turnaround, orders picked up on Fridays will be returned on Mondays.

9. Biweekly Pickups

With the launch of the new 2U, we will offer weekly & one-time pickups and will no longer support biweekly schedules. As a result, all biweekly pickup schedule will be migrated to our new system as Weekly pickup schedules. Customers will continue to receive pickup reminder messages and can easily cancel any unwanted pickup days in the 2U App or by responding “N” to the text reminder text messages.

We will continue to evolve our scheduling capabilities in the future and appreciate your patience and understanding while we make this transition.

10. Customer Support

Lastly, our Customer Care Team is available and ready to support you during this transition! Our Team is available Monday through Friday from 8am-6:30pm and on Saturdays from 9am-3pm. We can be reached in the following ways:

  • 250-499 points = $5 credit
  • 500-749 points = $10 credit
  • 750-1249 points = $25 credit
  • 1250-2499 points = $35 credit
  • 2500+ = 100 credit

Note that chat is the fastest method of support, so we recommend trying us there first!

We can’t wait to show you the new experience! If there’s anything we can help you with before or during this transition, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thanks so much! Stay Clean!

Last Updated 7/27/21

Some folks mark April 15 on their calendars because of Tax Day. We here at 2ULaundry mark it because it’s National Laundry Day! Wonder if it was any coincidence that they decided to lump two mundane activities together on the same day.

Nevertheless, it’s time to celebrate because 1) You’ve (hopefully) done your taxes, 2) It’s National Laundry Day, and most importantly, 3) We are announcing some big exciting changes to give you more free time and help you and your family manage that already jam-packed calendar!

If we take a bit of time to rewind back to March of 2020, we can remember it was a month where the country and our world was turned upside down. Ours included. We were growing at an accelerated pace! We had just opened up service in Raleigh and were building momentum to find the next city we were going to make our mark in.

Then as we all know, COVID-19 happened. COVID hit us hard, as it has millions and billions of people. We had to make many tough decisions, like stopping our service in Atlanta and Raleigh and cutting back on service in Charlotte. That meant parting ways with people who have grown to be family with us, whether that’s our employees or the customers. Through all of this, we have been extremely grateful and fortunate to have had health on our side as well as enough financial support from the government, our network, and most importantly, you, our loyal customers!

Thank you to those who have continued to use our service in a time of great uncertainty as well as to those who were affected by our service stoppage in Atlanta and Raleigh. We are humbled by all of your messages to us patiently waiting for 2U to return. We hear you and we are eager to come back!

Ultimately, the pandemic gave us the reason and the time to pause. We had been going 100 mph since starting in 2016, so we took this time to plan intentionally, diligently and set ourselves up for long term success. Part of that was in addition to 2ULaundry, we launched our laundromat franchise concept, LaundroLab. There were many reasons to invest our time, money, and energy into that, but one of the main factors was to provide a more consistent, higher quality pickup and delivery service to you!

We recognized the numerous challenges in front of us but saw them as great opportunities to showcase our resiliency. The result has been a year of making upgrades and enhancements after listening to all of what you have told us from the past few years.

So what has that result of all the hard work been?

We’re introducing a new Linen Bag, new pricing plans, weekend laundry delivery service, a new and improved mobile app, and more!!

Before we get into the specifics of each of these, you may be wondering what is the timeline and how will your service be impacted? Great questions!

As we’re finalizing our technology, products, and services, we want to make sure that you have as seamless an experience as possible. To achieve this, we’ll be providing exact dates of the specific updates when they are 100% confirmed. So make sure to be on the lookout for emails, text messages, and social media posts over the next few weeks to learn about how this will affect your service. If you are a current customer in Charlotte, we’ll be sending out more communication with updated information in the coming weeks.

Linen Bag

Over the years, we’ve received tons of feedback from our customers about linens and towels taking up precious space in their regular Wash, Dry, Fold bag. We get it! You want to get the most bang for your buck. Who doesn’t? To solve this concern, we decided to trial a Linens Only laundry bag for the past year. We designed the Linen Bag to be a cost-effective option for sending in large and bulky, washable household items like bed linens, towels, blankets, etc. Bigger than our Large Laundry Bag, the Linen Bag is optimized for size – it can hold a king-sized comforter plus a set of sheets and a couple of towels.

So, you’re probably wondering how the trial went and how you can get your hands on one of these bags. Well, during that test period, demand for the Linen Bag was overwhelming! Customers found that they had much more flexibility to send in exactly what they needed us to clean at a valuable price point. We also found that we were able to provide even more free time to our customers by offering solutions for all of their home laundry needs.

With the launch of the new 2U, we are excited to officially roll out the Linen Bag to all customers as a new laundry service option. Priced at just $30 per bag, the Linen Bag can be used separately or in combination with the Laundry, Hang Dry, and Dry Cleaning Bags.

Upon rollout, make sure to check out our FAQs for a list of items that should and should not be placed in your Linen Bag for cleaning.

Pricing Plans

One of the biggest things we’ve been working to enhance is our pricing structure. We recognized that many of our best customers were placing recurring orders. Every. Single. Week. So we asked ourselves, how can we reward those customers for being so loyal to our brand and service? Built around this concept of the recurring order, we want you to set it and forget it. We hope placing your 2U bags outside on your Laundry Day becomes as much of a habit as brushing your teeth or even getting Starbucks on your way to work.

So introducing…our subscription plans!

Take some time to digest the plans. We know it might be a lot at first glance, but we promise it’ll become second nature sooner than you think. We have 3 plans that accommodate our existing pricing structure along with subscription options that reward our most frequent users, so take a look below to find details on each of the plans.

The 1st pricing plan, called Pay As You Go, is the current pricing structure with a few minor changes. As the name suggests, you simply schedule and pay for orders as you go. The Wash Dry Fold bag is priced at $45, the Linen Bag at $30, the Wash & Hang Dry at $15, and all Dry Cleaning is priced per-item. Take a look at the bottom of this post for the comprehensive price list. All of these services are priced at the standard, full amount without any discount on additional services. As the image outlines, there is a 1-Day Rush Delivery Fee of $5, a Welcome Kit Fee of $10, and a Minimum Order amount of $15.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! drumroll please

Introducing our first subscription plan: 2U Weekly — your new favorite household service, even better than Amazon Prime…okay we won’t go that far.

The 2U Weekly Plan is a weekly subscription service for Wash Dry Fold. You make a one-time purchase of $160 for access to 4 uses of the Wash Dry Fold bag. This is a 4-week commitment of the Wash Dry Fold bag, which you can utilize however you’d like over the course of the 4 weeks. You’ll gain a 15% discount on all other services in your order throughout your membership in the 2U Weekly Plan. That’s a boatload of money you can be saving whenever you need to use that extra Wash Dry Fold bag after coming back from a vacation! In addition to that, you’ll also get free 1-day rush delivery and a free welcome kit. Oh, and by the way, with this 2U Weekly Plan, there is no minimum order fee. Every month, you’ll also get to roll over one use of the Wash Dry Fold Bag to the following month, so there’s that in your back pocket. Lastly, your subscription membership will be automatically renewed at the end of the 4 weeks, unless you take action.

Hope you were able to process all that! Take a deep breath and get ready because here comes our 2nd subscription plan: 2U Weekly+!

The 2U Weekly+ Plan has the same basic functionality and features as the 2U Weekly Plan with the addition of the Linen Bag and overall heavier discounts. This is a one-time purchase of $240 for access to 4 uses of the Wash Dry Fold bag and 4 uses of the Linen Bag. Again, this is a 4-week commitment that you can utilize in whichever way you wish over the course of the 4 weeks. You’ll get a 20% discount on all additional services along with the free 1-day rush delivery, free welcome kit, and no minimum order fee. Similar to the 2U Weekly Plan, you’ll have the ability to roll over one Wash Dry Fold bag and one Linen Bag to the following month. Your subscription membership will be automatically renewed at the end of the 4 weeks, unless you take action.

We will send an email announcing when these pricing changes are live, so that you can update the 2U app and choose whichever of the 3 plans suits your needs the best. Existing customers will be grandfathered in to their current pricing structure for an extended grace period after the official launch, unless of course you opt in to one of the 3 plans during that period.

After that time, you will automatically be enrolled in the Pay As You Go pricing plan. There is no action required on your end once that grandfathering period is over unless you decide to opt in to one of the subscription plans, which you can do at any time after we are live!

We know that was probably a lot to throw at you and we’re sure you have lots of questions. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be updating this blog post page with links out to FAQs and other information so that you can feel at ease!

As you may have noticed, the prices have generally increased. We want to be transparent with some of the reasons why that’s the case. Factors like material and labor costs have increased due to COVID, so we had to adjust our pricing accordingly.

Additionally, we want to deliver a higher quality service and product to each and every single one of you. We want to focus even more than we currently are on every single bag that comes through our state-of-the-art facilities to make sure that each of your customizations are handled to perfection, that every stain is treated, and that every order you place is a 5 star experience.

When you put away your clothes in your closets and dressers, we want you to feel relaxed and relieved about how much time you’ve just saved and what awesome things you’re going to do with that newfound time!

So how else can we help create those magical moments? We’re coming out (finally!) with weekend laundry delivery service!

Saturday Laundry Delivery Service

We’ve had so many of you tell us in person, in reviews, or through Customer Care that one of the most valuable things we can do to enhance our service is adding weekend delivery. We’re taking the first step to make that a reality!

We’re reintroducing Friday pickups to our schedule, but instead of being delivered the following Monday, we’ll get it straight to your door the very next day! So for all you amazing weekend warriors, you can have your clean clothes going into the weekend!

For any orders that contain a Laundry Bag or a Linen Bag that has a pickup day of Friday, we’ll deliver those bags on Saturday (if you are a 2U Weekly or 2U Weekly+ Plan Member or if you’ve selected 1-day rush delivery as a Pay As You Go Plan Member).

Note that Dry Cleaning orders picked up on a Friday will be delivered on Monday (with the 1-day rush delivery) and on Tuesday (with the standard 2-day delivery).

Now you can really feel accomplished ending your week and starting a new one off right with clean laundry!

We’ll make sure that all this information is easily accessible to you on the 2ULaundry app! Oh, speaking of…

2U App

We’ve redesigned and redeveloped the app entirely to make the process of scheduling and tracking your order even simpler and more visible. We know that you love our “Text for ETA” feature, so we’ve built a robust order tracker in the new mobile app to keep you informed every step of the way. Our goal is to give you more visibility while your clothes are in our care.

To further increase visibility, we’ve added new content to the app to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes at our laundry and dry cleaning facilities.

We’re also adding a new chat feature in the app so you can get super fast support from our Customer Care Team. We are committed to resolving issues quickly and effectively, so we’ve restructured our support to deliver faster support through Chat.

It’s not in your app stores just quite yet, but when it is officially launched, if you have the current version of the app, all you’ll have to do is go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and update your current version.

The exciting thing is we have so much in the pipeline for how we want to continue to improve your experience of the app and of 2ULaundry in general. So be on the lookout for any new app updates to take use of its full and ever-evolving functionality!

That being said, as you probably know, with any massive organizational and technological changes like these, there are inevitably going to be hiccups. We request that if / when there is something that may not appear to be working properly, let us know through the Chat feature in the app or on the website or through email at and we’ll do our absolute best to resolve it quickly and cooperatively. What we can promise in situations like those is that we’ll be 100% committed to making your customer experience as smooth as possible!

As a side note, all the pricing information that we’ve laid out here in this post will also be available in several places within the app, so don’t worry if you need a refresher on them when you’re ready to schedule service.

Thank you for reading all the way through this longer than normal blog post! We’re so eager to roll out all these enhancements but the crazy part is this is just the beginning! We have additional enhancements like a new laundry bag, premium scented detergents, new app features, all in the pipeline to improve your experience of 2ULaundry!

Just a friendly reminder this post will be a living artifact, so make sure to bookmark this on your browser. As we continue to update timelines and details, we’ll also send other communications that link out here to ensure that you’re fully aware of how they’ll impact you!

If you have any questions or clarifications please feel free to reach out to us via or depending on the type of request.

Thank you and Stay Clean!

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