How to Form a Healthy Habit

We all know that it’s important to make healthy choices but sometimes it can feel really difficult to develop the healthy habits we wish we had. It can feel even more difficult to start something new in the midst of the changes and disruptions happening all around us to our daily routines, habits and schedules.

While there’s a lot we aren’t in control of right now, we do have the power to use this time to develop a healthy habit or two that will serve us well as life gets back to normal. If you’re ready to start drinking more water, meditating daily, moving your body more or making sure you actually get all the fruits and vegetables you need, read on to discover the keys to creating a new healthy habit!

1. Figure out where you are now

Before you start trying to implement change in your life it’s important to have a realistic picture of where you are now. Spend a few days taking stock of your current habits and thinking about opportunities throughout your day to make change.

Keep a log or journal of the when and why of a habit you’re trying to break and think through opportunities to add something positive into your day.

5. Be patient

Building a new habit takes time so be sure to be patient with yourself as you move through the different steps and work through your plan. Hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals but give yourself grace and patience too!

Building a new healthy habit can be a real challenge but, with hard work and persistence, it’s one that will pay off in the long run!

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