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How Many Linens Do I Need? Airbnb Host Tips for Ideal Linen Inventory

Published Date:
February 17, 2024

Want to increase profitability and occupancy from your Airbnb rental? Optimizing your linen inventory is a strategic place to start. Efficient linen management ensures a seamless guest experience and enhances your overall hosting performance in a competitive market.

This guide provides hosts with valuable insights on building the ideal linen supply. We'll share practical tips to calculate and manage inventory based on demand, streamline turnover, and elevate service quality. Whether you're looking to accelerate turnover, delight guests, or scale your rental business, our advice will help transform your hosting experience.

Follow our proven strategies to optimize your Airbnb linen inventory. You'll be able to unlock the full profit potential of your property and stand out from the competition.

How many sets of sheets & towels do I need?

As an Airbnb laundry service, we recommend having three to five sets of inventory. But, it's always a good idea to have backups! If your goal is to have guests checking in and out frequently, having extra inventory will prevent you from rushing your laundry service at a higher price.

Without the extra sheets and towels, your house cleaner will have to wait for 2-3 hours at their hourly rate for the in-house laundry to finish or try to rush an order, typically with extra fees, with your local Airbnb linen service.

We always recommend starting with a minimum of three sets. Once you have recovered your investment, you can consider buying a fourth, fifth, or even sixth set. The peace of mind will be well worth it, and with this approach, you'll soon grow to have plenty in no time!

We’ve selected our favorite Airbnb Linen products:

Ghost Sheets

Ghost Sheets, the sheet set from Ghost Bed, is a durable linen set that is built to last. These TENCEL® sheets are a favorite among laundry services because they are easy to treat, wrinkle-resistant, and can withstand commercial laundry cycles.

American Soft Linen Towels

The American Soft Linen Bath Towels are the perfect choice for Airbnb. The hint of geometry on its border adds personality to the towel without adding color, making stain treatment easy. The ELS Combed Cotton construction also ensures quick drying.

Do I need anything extra besides sheets & towels?

Yes, you do! You have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing a beautiful rental property, so now is not the time to cut corners on inventory. Good, durable inventory to support your sheets and towels is critical for excellent Airbnb management.

Mattress and Pillows: Invest in good mattresses and pillows as they work wonders for positive guest experiences. Pillows can make or break a guest's night's sleep, so spending a few extra dollars can make a significant difference in your Airbnb reviews. 

We recommend these products from Ghost Bed:

Ghost Bed Mattress

Ghost Bed has incorporated “Ghost Ice” cooling technology that absorbs your body heat during your sleep, which then distributes it evenly over the bed.

Ghost Bed Pillow

Ghost Pillow‘s memory foam core provides support and comfort. Most importantly, it comes with a zipper-seal casing to easily clean between guests.

Ghost Bed Mattress Protector

Consider mattress protectors as insurance for your investment. GhostProtector is a great watertight mattress protector that provides peace of mind against any accidents.

Makeup Towels: Provide makeup towels to save your hand towels. These designated "makeup" towels for guests prevent your white linens from getting stained with black mascara. We recommend these simple Airbnb makeup towels from Amazon.

Additionally, you may want to consider duvet covers, bed skirts, and shower mats for cosmetic purposes. Consult your local Airbnb sheets and towel service for more suggestions specific to your location.

What is all of this Airbnb laundry inventory going to cost me?

A set of sheets usually ranges from $120 to $175. If you're looking to invest in higher-quality linens, the cost may go up to $200 to $250. While there are cheap options available, we advise against buying thin, cheap sheets like Amazon Essentials. These will need frequent replacement, resulting in a negative return on investment. Look for inventory that is tough enough to handle multiple turnovers and the high-frequency cleaning that an Airbnb requires.

Similarly, for towels, we recommend a GSM (fabric weight) between 400-600 and a price range of $30-$40 for a set of four. Choose medium-thickness towels in either cotton or microfiber. Remember, Airbnb guests want to get dry but may not necessarily want the thickest towel on the market.

Consider working with your Airbnb sheets and towel laundry service to see if they offer any discounts with preferred vendors. However, be prepared for the upfront costs required to get 3-5 sets of good inventory.

How does extra inventory help you save money?

Operating your Airbnb rental property with just enough linens for one turnover can make things difficult and expensive. It puts a strict timeline on yourself, your house cleaners, and your Airbnb sheets and towel service. Having enough linens to keep your property properly stocked will:

  • Save money with your cleaning service.
  • Provide flexibility for your house cleaners regarding timing.
  • Ensure your guests never show up to a bed without sheets on it.

Trying to stay ahead of guests and cleaners with a limited inventory can be incredibly stressful. Having extra inventory on hand is an easy solution.

Quick tips for Airbnb linen inventory & management:

  • Brushed microfiber bedding is a perfect bedding solution for hotel-style Airbnb laundry.
  • Place just one pillow on each side of the bed with additional pillows in closets.
  • Use a duvet inside a duvet cover and wash just the duvet cover after each guest.
  • Keep additional covers, blankets, and quilts in the closet.
  • For most stays, one set of linens per pair of guests is sufficient.
  • Ask your guests if they need new towels, bedding, or an extra blanket. Emphasize that you do not like to be wasteful.
  • Consider grouping with other Airbnb hosts in your area to meet minimum order quantities from larger distributors.

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