5 Tips to Stay Productive at Home

With stay-at-home orders in effect, many people are finding creative ways to fill their time at home time. While binge watching Netflix, all-day-snacking and mid-day naps can be fun for a few days, after a little while you may begin to feel like you’d rather be doing something more productive.

If you’re on the hunt for projects that will fill your time and knock items off of your never ending to-do list, look no further! Check out the list below for some productive ways to spend your at-home time!

1. Reorganize your closet

While a stay-at-home order isn’t the most pleasant way to ring in spring, it does give us all the opportunity to reorganize our closets and put away our winter clothing. This week, make it a goal to go through every item in your closet piece-by-piece to assess what you’ll keep and what you’ll let go of.

Once you’ve sorted your items into keep/donate piles, hang or fold your spring and summer items for easy access and put your winter items in storage until next fall!

Also check out these closet organization tips by The Spruce and Make Space!

2. Clean out the garage

There’s no time like the present to declutter and reorganize your garage. This necessary task is often one that gets put off for months at a time because it can be so time consuming. Well, we’ve got the time now!

During this stay-at-home season, pick a day to dedicate to the project and get to work clearing out anything your family no longer uses.

This 5-step guide by Budget Dumpster could be useful for getting started!

3. Wash your linens

Most people wash their most used linens with some frequency but never quite get around to laundering their less-frequently used or tougher to get to linens. Now is the time to remove your pillow covers, take down your curtains and pull out those musty table clothes to give them all a thorough washing.

You don’t want to go too long in between cleaning these either because of all the germ buildup. It might feel like quite a chore as you’re doing it but your home will feel all the fresher once you’re done!

4. Plant something

If you’ve ever wanted to start a garden, now is the time! Spend a day or two building a simple raised bed or clearing a small plot in your yard and then get to work planting flowers or produce to enjoy later in the year.

While running to the store for seeds and supplies isn’t a great idea, you should be able to order everything you need online.

A couple of useful resources to help make that garden a reality are by Common Sense Home and Gardening Mentor!

5. Pick up a healthy habit

There’s no time like the present to pick up that healthy habit you’ve always wished you had. Start taking a walk after dinner every night, plan your meals for the week before you go shopping or go on a bike ride every morning- whatever you do, make it something healthy and active!

Experts say that it takes at least a month of consistency to build a habit so if you start now you’ll have a new healthy habit (or two or three) by the time our stay-at-home orders are lifted!

While staying at home has its ups and downs, many people are finding that the extra time with family and slower pace of life are something to be grateful for. This unusual spring, make the most of your at-home time by getting organized or building new habits!

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