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FREE Pickup & Delivery

Whichever laundry or dry
cleaning services you choose
to take off your to-do list, we’ll
pick it up and drop it off at
your desired location at no
extra charge.


Customizable preferences

We’re as particular as you are
when it comes to your
laundry & dry cleaning. So we
encourage you to customize
to your heart’s desire so that
it’s perfect.


1-business day turnaround

No matter how much laundry &
dry cleaning you give us, or
what your preferences are, you
get it back in 1-business day
fresh and clean. Every time.


Satisfaction guaranteed

We pride ourselves on the
quality of laundry & dry
cleaning services we provide.
Our goal is perfection each
and every time. If you’re not
happy, we’re not happy.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Your new 2ULaundry bags will be delivered the following business day to your preferred location, unless otherwise notified. This first delivery will include welcome information and the 2ULaundry bags selected during signup. Don't forget to check the bag colors prior to your first pickup, as they each relate to a specific service.
  • The 2ULaundry bags are yours to keep for future pickups and deliveries. The blue bags are for wash, dry, fold service; the pink bag is for hang dry service; and, the black bag is for dry cleaning or launder and press services.

    Our large bag holds 4-6 loads of laundry (up to 40 lbs) and our small bag holds 2-3 loads of laundry (up to 25 lbs). The large bag is comparable to your standard laundry basket.

    Each bag has a unique tag with your contact information and cleaning preferences. Simply fill them with laundry for pickup and we will clean and return your clothes, folded or hanging based on your preference, with the same bags for future use.
  • We want to make the cleaning process as easy and convenient as possible, so there’s no need to sort your clothes in advance.

    While we currently sort and check all garments for stains upon arrival at the facility, to better replicate the in-person experience we ask customers to notify us of stains and repair requests in advance. There are a couple of ways to do this:

    Email/Text: send specific stain-removal or repair requests to or 704-766-8730. Include a picture of the stain or repair area and/or a description of the garment and the location of problem area.

    Online Account: when scheduling a pickup from the "My Schedule" tab in your Online Account, use the Wash, Dry, Fold & Hang Dry Notes and Dry Cleaning Notes text boxes to add any special cleaning notes for your next pickup.
  • Our goal is to treat your clothing with care and according to your preferences. We understand that when it comes to clothing, quality is of utmost importance. That’s why we’ve hired a team of experienced and dedicated Clothing Care Professionals and trained them on our specific cleaning process. Unsatisfied with an order? Give us a call at (704) 766-8730 to talk to a Customer Care Specialist.
  • For your convenience, 2ULaundry offers two detergent options – a scented detergent from Gain, and an unscented, hypoallergenic detergent from Rockin' Green (an eco-friendly, North Carolina-based company). At this time, we cannot accommodate the use of personal detergents.
  • Clothes sent in for wash, dry, fold service will be returned folded unless otherwise specified. The folded items will be sorted by category and then family member to the best of our ability: household items, men's, women's, children's, and delicate clothing.

    Hang dry will always be returned hanging.

    Dry cleaning will be returned hanging unless otherwise specified.
  • Alterations/Repairs: 2ULaundry covers minor alterations and repairs including button repair, zipper repair, and simple sewing and hemming. These services generally take up to 3-5 business days. Please use the black bag for all repair items and notify the Customer Care Team in advance of your pickup.

    Hang Dry: We also offer a complimentary hang dry service for delicates, athletic wear, and other light-weight clothing that should not go through the dryer. Simply select the pink 2ULaundry bag at signup to sort these items in advance. Place the pink hang dry bag inside the blue wash, dry, fold bag for cleaning to avoid the $10 hang dry fee.
  • We offer multiple scheduling options for your convenience. You can either call or text our Customer Care Team to schedule your pickup (704) 766-8730, or you can schedule from the "My Schedule" tab in your Online Account:

    We also offer the option to schedule one-time pickups or recurring pickups on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Our pickup window is from 8:30am-12:30pm and our delivery window is between 2:30-6:30pm. There's no need to be home for pickup or delivery. Simply leave the bags out at your preferred location by 8am on your scheduled pickup day and a driver will stop by during the pickup window to collect your bags. Your clean clothes will be delivered to your preferred location the following business afternoon. We will send text notifications along the way to update you on the status of your pickup and delivery.

    Please note that our routes are set each morning, and we are currently not able to accommodate requests for specific pickup and delivery times. For timing updates, please contact our Customer Care Team at (704) 766-8730 after 8am the morning of your scheduled pickup or delivery.
  • For your convenience, there are no monthly subscriptions or cancelation fees, and you will only be charged for services as they’re used.

    A $10 convenience fee will be charged for failed pickups, where bags are not left out on a scheduled pickup day. To avoid this fee, simply reply “N” to the reminder text by 8am on your scheduled pickup day.

    For more information about pricing, please enter your zip code on our homepage.

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Mark I..

Family of 3

I'm in my twenties and I'm a working professional. Use it all the time for getting dry cleaning done. It's cheaper than taking it to the cleaners and it saves me time since I don't have to drive there and then drive back to pick it up. Fast turnaround, awesome customer service, and impeccable job cleaning.

Family of 2

My life is never going to be the same! With 6 kids, laundry is never ending - until this week. I filled two large 2ULaundry bags with my family's individual laundry bags and it all came back the next evening clean, SORTED BY FAMILY MEMBER, and ready to be put away by its individual wearers. Now I am looking forward to a laundry free weekend - bliss!

Clifford D..

Family of 2

Great service , professional staff, quick turnaround.

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