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Services: Wash, Dry, Fold

Can I request special folding or sorting by family member?

Right now, we do not have the ability to request special folds or sorting by family member. However, all items will be folded, sorted by item type, and stacked with similar sizes to the best of our ability. Our goal is to make the “putting away” process easy. Who knows, maybe one day we will do that for you ?

Can I customize my cleaning preferences?

Yes. During signup, you can select which detergent and fabric softener (if any) that you would like to use. We have scented and hypoallergenic options for detergent. Our hypoallergenic option is made at our headquarters in Charlotte, NC and is perfect for sensitive skin and baby safe. You can change these preferences per pickup in your online account.

Do I have to sort or pre-treat stains?

Nope. Simply fill the bag before pickup and we will take it from there. We sort all lights and darks into separate piles and pre-treat stains before items go in the washer.

Please check your pockets for personal items before filling the bag. We will do our best to check, but your help is appreciated!

How big are the bags and how much can they fit?

For your convenience, we offer two different sized Wash, Dry, Fold Bags.

Our large bag is 22.5” x 33” and holds 4-5 loads or ~35 lb. of laundry. It’s comparable in size to a standard laundry basket or hamper. This is a great option for couples or small families.

Our small bag is 20” x 28” and holds 2-3 loads or ~20 lb. of laundry. This bag is recommended for individual use.

The Pink Hang Dry Bag is 14” x 18” and holds ~1 load or 8-10 lb. of laundry. It’s comparable in size to a small backpack.