Services: Dry Cleaning

What types of clothes should be dry cleaned?

Any items made of natural fibers (e.g. silk, wool, etc.) are best cared for through dry cleaning. These natural fibers can react adversely when exposed to water. The natural fibers become rigid, causing the fabric to shrink, distort, and lose their color. Dry cleaning keeps delicate items soft in texture and vibrant in color.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a safe way to clean clothes without using water. The cleaning process uses non-aqueous chemicals to safely clean garments of dirt and odors without risking any damage to delicate materials.

What is the difference between Dry Cleaning and Launder & Press?

Dry Cleaning involves the use of non-water based solvents to clean clothing and other textiles. Launder & Press differs in that the process involves the use of water and detergent in a commercial-grade washing machine.

Dry Cleaning is optimal for stain removal and fabric preservation. Items emerge from the cleaning process thoroughly dried, then undergo machine or hand pressing.

Launder & Press is optimal for odor removal and is a requisite for starch application. Items emerge slightly damp to the touch, then are in individually pressed to finish. Most men’s and women’s dress shirts are best laundered & pressed.

How does The Black Bag work?

The Black Bag is for our Dry Cleaning service. We clean everything according to the care label. As a standard, dress shirts are laundered and pressed unless the cleaning tag on the item says, “Dry clean only.” If you have specific requests, simply notify Customer Care in advance of pickup.

The Black Bag doubles as a laundry bag and hanging bag. For pickup, flip the hanging bag upside down, place the garments down in the bottom of the bag, and cinch the bag fully closed. Dry Cleaning services are priced per item. Please see our pricing page for more details.